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Semi-Auto Firearms Are Now Outlawed...

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or heavily regulated in the alternative universe of this thread. Assume that for whatever reason, you wake up and your AR, AK, Glock, SIG, Model X, that can run semi-auto AND hi-capacity is no longer a legal option. (NOT trying to get into a "cold dead fingers" argument).

What would you pick as a defensive firearm? And why?

Remember, no semi AND hi-capacity.

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I’ll play. Not much would change honestly.

I’d be perfectly fine with my 3” six shot K-frame and speedloaders. In fact I carried revolvers off duty almost exclusively until last year when I started carrying a G26.

870 pump for HD.

I already have a nice bolt action .270 with optics.

The only firearm I might feel the need to purchase would be a lever action .357mag or .30-30 for bumming around the hunting camp.

Something with irons to replace the AR15 I put on the four wheeler rack.

Just because I would make do does not mean I would be happy about it.
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