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    Can anybody sell a gun in the classifieds or do you need a ffl. If I do sell the gun do I just mail it to the guys ffl or do I need my local gunshop to send it. Also how much does the classifieds cost. Thank you very much
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    I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but here are some general guidelines I use when asked about buying/selling guns.

    Anyone who can legally possess a gun can sell the gun in GT's Want Ads. Currently, they are free to use, but a donation to help with site expenses is always appreciated. Make sure you follow all laws when buying or selling guns online, OR in person.

    If you live in the USA, there are at least two levels of laws you need to be in compliance with when selling a firearm; Federal and state. In addition, depending on where you live, there may be local laws governing the sale of firearms.

    Federal law usually doesn't come into play if you are selling to another person who is a resident of your state. There are exceptions (such as illegally modified weapons, or selling to a person who is a known felon), but otherwise state laws will govern a sale within the state. Here is a web page with Frequently Asked Questions about Federal firearms laws:

    Just click on the subject to read about it. You'll have to research the laws in your state yourself; they vary a LOT from state-to-state.

    Personally, if I have to sell a gun out-of-state, I pay the extra money to have my dealer send the firearm to a dealer in the buyer's state. Then there is a firm "paper trail" to document where it started from and where it ended up. Some FFL dealers will not accept firearms from non-dealers, so make sure to check if this is acceptable to the buyer's dealer. Finally, I'd make sure to check that the address you ship the gun to is the address of a valid FFL dealer, and not some abandoned house where the buyer can scoop it up without doing any paperwork or background check.

    Hope this was helpful.