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Hello, I am Selling Three individual Items. First I am selling a 300blk upper It is an Daniel Defense DDm4v7 w/o BCG, and charging handle, it is in Optimal condition with less than a 1000 rounds shot through it. I am looking for $350 for it, no trades

Next I am Selling a Magpul PRS stock OD green with the receiver extension, buffer spring, and buffer tube, it is also in excellent condition. for this item I am looking for 120$, No Trades

And Finally I am selling a Daniel Defense AR-15 Lite Rail II 12in, It has never been put on a gun, comes with the barrel nut and wrench, also comes with a free set of XTM rail covers blk and OD green, I want $250 for the Rail no trades

All sales are final, I prefer to do the transactions through PayPal, However if you are in the South East Missouri region, we can meet up and do the transaction that way if you prefer. Also You do not have to purchase each item each item can be bought separate, It is a first come first serve.
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