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Hi Mas,

In Martial Arts I was taught to keep both eyes open during self defense shooting. being cross eye dominant this poses a problem for me.
I'm right handed and prefer to shoot with my left (dominant) eye closed.
Point shooting with a modified weaver stance.

Your expert thoughts please.

Thanks so much for being available and answering these important questions.

Have a great day and be safe.


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I agree with you that it's best to keep both eyes open.

If your modified Weaver stance is the variation with gun arm locked out and support arm bent, also known as the Chapman stance, bring your chin to your gun arm bicep and the opposite eye will be directly in line with the dominant hand. No reason not to be using your dominant eye just because you're cross dominant.

Give it a try, and come on back and report here how it works for you.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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