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Self-defense electronics?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by glock39, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. glock39


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    May 26, 2005
    Tyler, TX
    Cell phones are often listed as indispensable safety items, because they can be used to call for help. But modern Smart phones also have a few other useful tricks.

    Most cell phones have a built-in camera. If you see someone suspicious hanging around your property, one option would be to use your phone to take a photo of them. If they ask what the blank you think you're doing, you can be polite and say you're taking a picture of your yard to email to someone (this is true enough - if anything gets stolen, I'm going to email the photo to the police). This approach is fairly non-confrontational and non-threatening. If the person you photograph is there for innocent purposes, they shouldn't get offended because you took their picture. If their intent is evil, then the fact that you can identify them later to the police may encourage them to find another victim.

    Smart phones usually have Voice Recorder apps available. This leaves a record of who said what during a confrontation (it also encourages you to be careful not to say anything that you wouldn't want a jury to hear). If George Zimmerman had taken a moment to switch on a voice recorder, then he probably wouldn't be awaiting trial.

    Obviously, you may not always have time to fiddle around with gadgets if you're being attacked (Holy Utility Belt, Batman!). But since most everyone has a cell phone anyway, it certainly wouldn't hurt to keep some other uses for it in mind. Being paranoid, I'd practice using the cell phone with my weak hand so as to leave my gun hand free.

    btw - the ACLU of New Jersey has a phone app call "Police Tape", which is made to record audio and/or video of the police if they stop you. It's supposed to drop off the screen once started (so anyone looking at the phone won't see a recording app running) and send the recordings directly to the ACLU. Personally, I would not trust this particular app due to the last feature. In the Martin/Zimmerman case, I would trust the local police to impartially handle information that could clear me more than I would trust the ACLU. The ACLU is a little too selective in which Civil Liberties it chooses to defend and I wouldn't put it past them to, err, "lose" information that doesn't happen to advance their agenda. :whistling:
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    Jul 17, 2009
    Oh yes... my Iphone is made so that I can turn the camera/video on from the lock screen. Right now, a couple guys in my neighborhood are facing felony street racing charges because I heard their cars coming, and it wasn't the first time, so I hit the video and recorded them chasing each other through the neighborhood. Called the police right after. They couldn't write the ticket unless they witnessed it, but they did after viewing the video. One just got his license back from a DUI, he might go to prison for a couple years. What it actually was is two cousins got in a fight, one got in his car and decided to drive home, the other one came to chase him down. Still a competition of speed, and the methhead rednecks who live a lifestyle of jersey shore are going to lose everything.

    Anyways, I have been recording everything when it's in question. Of course, people up to no good are going to have a very negative reaction, and that alone can prove their intent. Now, if someone just started recording me, I would be a bit annoyed but I'm not going to really care all that much. So what if they get all angry, who cares? Try to take the camera out of my hand and find out about my more mechanical self defense device.
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    Jul 19, 2004
    we often have middle aged losers ride through out neighbourhood on bikes (tweekers) scouting the homes for stuff to steal and fence. Often I'm out in the yard doing stuff. Whejn I see one I just take out my cell phone and photograph do they get pissed. If they try to give me **** I video them then as they stand there I call the police. They usually don't see my CCW. Most of them carry hunting knives on their belts(legal where I live.). Have had a few arrested.:wavey: