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I want to promptly get you the latest on the Mountain House shipping/backorder situation as just relayed to me from the factory this afternoon ...

27% of the MH canned varieties are now backordered.

MH foods now on backorder till October: Pilot Crackers, New Orleans Rice w Shrimp, Mexican Style Rice & Chicken, Uncooked Eggs, Vegetable Stew, Ground Beef, Green Beans, Peas, Corn, Cottage Cheese, Chicken Stew.

Sweet & Sour Pork and Breakfast Skillet are back in stock and shipping out again.

The backorder situation is very fluid now and changing constantly as the factory is striving to keep up with the demand.

Each of our affected product listings reflect any backorder status as we become aware of it. We are still taking orders for the backordered products and those items will ship to you separately from the rest of your order as they become available.

My suggestion ... if you plan on ordering any MH food yet this month, do it now as the rest of the month the hole is just going to keep getting deeper. More food varieties may quickly also become backordered and queues for backordered foods will grow longer. Past experience shows that is very likely to happen.
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