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I carry my Glock 27 (9+1) in a Hybrid holster. It's a touch thick and sometimes, I want the option for something smaller. I already have a 357 snubnose but it has an exposed hammer. Last thing I want is to have the hammer snag.

I went shooting with a colleague last weekend who had a concealed hammer Smith and Wesson J-frame. It's a nice compact gun that can easily be carried in the pocket. The allure of a revolver is that if there is a squib round, I just pull the trigger again. The likelihood of needing to actually fire at ANYONE is extremely low. However, I would rather carry a handgun due to my own military background, rather than not carrying a weapon.

I am torn amongst some different guns:

The LCR - 38 Special or 357 (although in my town, the 357 is $529 and the 38 at another dealer is $449). Cost is not an issue but it's the principle of paying more for a caliber that I will likely not carry for defense. 38 + P is fine by me.

The Ruger LC9 - 7 + 1, in 9 mm. However, given the relative novelty, it's hard to find a decent holster. There are discussions about the mag safety releasing at inopportune times.

The Diamondback 9 mm. I read about the utter disgrace of the DB380. However, I know 380 is a finicky round anyways.

The DB 9 mm is the thinnest and most compact of the 3 guns I listed. However, my primary concealed carry will always be a Glock 27 or Glock 30. I am leaning towards a Ruger LCR for shear reliability, small size for more discreet carry and for the extremely comfortable trigger pull. I have an SP101 holster that would accomodate for the LCR, already so it's one less holster to buy and I don't need additional magazines. It's hard enough with the 3 Glocks that I have to separate the different magazines. I am extremely accurate with the Glock 27, one handed and two handed.

What do you recommend as my secondary carry gun when a Glock is not a realistic size to carry? I am leaning towards to the LCR, and I almost bought it today but I wanted to know what your thoughts were, Massad.

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