Seattle police temporarily banned from using tear gas against protesters

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    "Seattle police temporarily banned from using tear gas against protesters

    by Zachary Halaschak
    | June 05, 2020 10:59 PM

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    Seattle’s mayor and police chief have agreed to stop the use of tear gas against protesters for at least the next month.

    Mayor Jenny Durkan said Friday that tear gas use will be stopped until officials can conduct a review of the police force’s crowd-control policies and recommend changes. The temporary ban stretches for the next 30 days, Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best said.

    “This review should better emphasis de-escalation tactics and incorporate recommendations from our accountability partners on the use of any crowd control techniques, including the use of tear gas and flash-bangs,” Durkan said, according to the Seattle Times.

    Best said flash-bang grenades, pepper spray, and other crowd control tactics are not part of the temporary ban. She said that the police department recently used tear gas for the first time since rioting in 1999.

    “Other options on that day for crowd control, such as blast balls and OC spray simply were not proving effective at that time,” Best said. “And because of the magnitude of the event, we experienced a near depletion of the supply of those tools. Accordingly, SPD temporarily authorized the use of CS in order to prevent further destruction.”

    The news comes as medical experts warn not only about the detrimental effects of tear gas for peoples’ health but also its potential to help spread the coronavirus. "