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Search & Rescue Knife Review

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by Gravity, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Gravity


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    Sep 11, 2000
    Recently Stomper (John) from JK Handmade Knives held a contest for his second anniversary in the custom knife making business. John wanted all forum members from Blade Forums to submit designs for his second anniversary knife. I submitted a design I had in mind for about a year now on what I felt would be a good knife for Search & Rescue operations or hunting/woodland adventures. I’ve been involved in Law Enforcement S&R (my career) and before that with my local fire department for 18 years now. Like many of you I grew up in the woods and love hiking and hunting. I asked John to make this knife for me and he didn’t disappoint. He nailed it as usual.


    My design involved a knife with a 4” blade and a 4 1/2 “ handle. I also wanted to have a backup single row saw tooth back in case it was needed. I wanted a very sharp point on this knife and John did his usual EXTREME sharp blade on his knife. Damn sharp!


    Notice under the makers stamp I also had John put an integral fire steel striker. I never liked the idea of trying to use the "back" of the blade or definitely not the blade itself.
    The single row saw teeth zipped right through wood I grabbed from my back yard as a test today. Think melted butter.


    I also had John drill a 3/16 x 2.5” hole in the handle (think Swiss Army Knife toothpick) for a fire steel to be slipped in.


    I also wanted a double lanyard layout in case the knife had to be lashed to a stick for a spear or similar setup.

    Another thing I asked for was a kydex sheath that could be utilized horizontal or vertical carry based on the equipment I had at any given moment.


    The handles are strong black canvas micarta and the knife is solid 01 steel that is heat treated to a level of strength that is impressive. It fits your hand perfectly.


    Overall this is a solid package that John put together. It’s rare to be able to draw up a design you have in your head and have someone that can make it a reality exactly the way you meant. John did this and I think this knife is perfect for wood use especially for Search & Rescue.
    If you get a chance stop by his website at or his forum over at This guy is damn good and can make your design into a reality. He also has a nice line up of knives at very reasonable prices.
    I looked around for years and like many others here purchased knifes from SOG, Buck, Case, etc. but when you have a knife made to your specs….there’s NOTHING like that! WOOSHA!
    I'll be posting updates on this knife as I use it. Monday I'm heading out on a hike and I'll be sure to update.
    Stay Safe!
  2. Jeepnik


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    Mar 5, 2008
    Well now, that is a right nice looking knife. Looks to be very useful. Getting it custom made is a plus. You have a good eye for designing a knife that fits your needs.