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sealed tin of 7.62x25 FS ro for trade, NW indiana FTF or ship

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TRADED Thanks!

FTF in NW Indiana would be best, shipping sucks, but I'll do it.

1 sealed tin:
The Finest Surplus 7.62x25 ammo available today!
Manufactured by Romania in the 80’s. All the ammo is Super clean and consistent. Brass cased, FMJ, & Berdan Primed. Packed 72rds/box, 1,224rds can.
$125.00 plus shipping (it might fit in a flat rate box, if ti does it'll only be like 9 bucks, I'd have to check if it will fit), obviously no shipping if FTF in NW Indiana. I'll be at the crown point show as well next month.

Looking to trade for $125 worth of: Silver, like new to new - factory 30 rd AR15 mags, Beretta 15 rd 92fs mags, 30 round AK74 bakeligh mags, .223 or .308 South African battlepacked ammo, 5.45x39, a 480 round 'case' of Swiss GP11 7.5Swiss FMJ.

Any difference in price between amount of your stuff you are trading and the case of 7.62.25 can be made up with boxes of the same ammo I have from an open case if need be.
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Anyone? Buller?

Unless you want to go be Bubba's wife for a while, you shouldn't offer to ship ammo in a "Flat Rate Box", as it would put you in violation of the USPS codes. I am assuming that's what you mean by the Flat Rate Box, as no common carrier offers this option.

Good luck with the sale and stay legal !
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