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SeAL Team member ranks

  1. Greetings.

    I am working on a project that requires information on the ranks (if that is the correct word) of members of a SeAL Team. In no particular order here are my questions:

    1) minimum rank of a SeAL Team leader
    2) minimum rank of SeAL Team members
    3) any "nicknames" that are common for leaders or members
    4) anything else you'd like to share

    You can PM me with replies if that is preferable to a public response.
  2. 1) minimum rank of a SeAL Team leader
    2) minimum rank of SeAL Team members
    3) any "nicknames" that are common for leaders or members
    4) anything else you'd like to share

    Just regurgitating info, i'm no expert or anything, just found this crap on the 'net:

    1) Minimum to lead a SEAL team into combat I think is LT JG, however, lots of Non Coms have authority within the fireteam, like a ranking chief or whatever. Also, if you're good at something, rank isn't much of an issue. I heard of a guy that was great with setting door charges. They let him plan an entire operation and lead a fireteam on a breach, but he was a Petty Officer 3rd, basically a nobody rank.

    2) You MUST have a specialty rating to enter BUD/S training to become a SEAL. Typically (unless you have diciplinary actions on your record) you're around a seaman 1st class when you enter BUD/S. this of course depends on your time in service etc, but I don't believe there is a minimum rank, just a specialty rating requirement in certain fields.

    3)the Marines call most navy guys "Squids" even if they're SEALs. Most nicknames in the Teams are earned. There was this one guy who was like 6 ft 2, big dude, and very tan for a white person. They called him Tall 'N Tan, or TNT for short. It also helped that he had a "hair-trigger temper". I have also heard that a lot of non coms are called "Chief" whether they are Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, or Master Chiefs. A few other nicknames I've heard are "Snake Eater", "Frogman" , "Cool Hand", and "Meat Eater."

    4) I like long walks on the beach, eating free peanuts at Five Guys Hamburger joint, and peeing off bridges...how's that for "anything I'd like to share"? Hee hee hee!
  3. When did they go back to Seaman 1st Class? E-3 was Seaman when I was in 25+ years ago.
  4. Officers have rank, enlisted have rate (or a rating).
  5. This is no longer the case. There is a new rating, called SO. It is now possible to directly assess into the SPECWAR community as either a SEAL or Special Boat Operator.

    And Seaman first class has been long since gone.
  6. That is my understanding of it as well. Thanks!
  7. when did the SO thing start?
  8. Very recently. Like in the last 18 months.
  9. First, it's SEAL, not SeAL. All caps.

    1) To be a platoon OIC you are typically a LT (O-3). To be the Commanding Officer of a SEAL team, usually Commander (O-5).

    2) Most everyone that joins the Navy to go to BUD/S does so under the SEAL challenge program which promotes the person to PO3 (E-4) upon graduation of BUD/S.

    3) Nicknames are given on a personal basis. Most team guys get one but some get called thier last name or a perversion thereof. Common terms for Navy SEAL's are Frog, Frogman or Snake Eater.

    4) I'd love to know what your "project" is. PM me if you don't mind.