SE IA/W IL bird hunting report

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    Nov 4, 2001

    Despite my current health crisis, I managed to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving (11/22-30) chasing our fine feathered friends around southeast Iowa and west central Illinois with my father.

    The bad news is, the birds are smart. The good news is there are a lot of them compared to what I've seen the past 10 years.

    Over the course of the week, we moved 20 covies of quail. None of which was smaller than 15 birds. We took quite a few birds, but left many more. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go back and look for them again in a couple of weeks.

    We also moved a fair number of pheasants (~50) in areas not known for high numbers and saw at least 6 10pt (or better) bucks.

    In addition, we almost had a wild turkey for Thanksgiving -- one of my dogs (at left) got into a fight with a hen and I wasn't sure who was going to win. Luckily the bird managed to gain some altitude before my dog could do any serious harm. (My dad and I are still joking about how we would have explained it to the game warden.)
    I'm hoping for a mild winter and a dry spring. If that happens and we can keep the predator numbers in check, the bird numbers ought to be outstanding next year.