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Screw Question

  1. I've got a SA RO Elite and can't seem to figure out what size/type wrench I need to take the grip screws out. I know it's sounds pretty stupid on my part, and I'll take all the ridicule y'all can hand out, but they look like Allen screws, but no Allen wrenches that I have, SAE or Metric fit.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Without looking at 'em, I'd say they're probably Torx. Any grip screws I ever had that weren't straight slotted were Torx. I got a set of small Torx drivers from Ace- good for grip screws, folding knives....

    Good luck!
  3. I just jam the handle of a rat tail file into the hole and then use a pair of Vise-Grips to turn the file...works on just about anything. Any tool can be the right tool if used correctly.
  4. 6 sided bit hole=Allen bit. Can be English or metric depending on where they sourced the screws from.
    download (1).jpg

    6 point star bit hole= Torx, like Unclecharlie said. Get a full set of size bits to fit a standard hex shank drive handle, and away you go.
    images.jpg BitSet78-0100Torx.jpg
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  6. They are not Allen screws, they are Torx (star).

    The first thing I do with any SA 1911 is to remove those and put in slotted screws, so I don't have to carry a special tool for my grip screws. Those are designed to look cool to the average "gun owner", who rarely shoots and never works on his guns.
  7. I was going to use these, but I think your solution may be even better!


    I've got a set of torx drives and will give them a shot. I just couldn't tell by looking at them, my old a$$ eyes ain't what the used to be.
  8. Of course I was just kidding about the file thing, but have used it before for some bolts and screws when no real extractors were available....even on a nuke submarine. Just don't break off the file handle in the hole. Then you are truly screwed. Those things can't be drilled out.
  9. they are the new high performance screw that like to screw with people that don't have tools.
    post a picture for better reference and proper assistance. it could be a flat head screw . who knows.
  10. Yeah it was a torx. Even knowing it's a torx I still can't tell by looking.
  11. Man... I was about to use your technique on a German high performance car that is been giving me problems. what a let down you are.
  12. Make sure you use a metric file when working on them fancy European things.
  13. Swing by Walgreens and buy a set of cheaters......ya need ‘em
  14. I've got a pair, didn't help. Not sure if it's the color/finish on the screws, but I just couldn't tell what they were. Probably needed a magnifying glass.
  15. Dammit, I thought this was a new Hannie thread.
  16. Ive resorted to using a 4x flip down
    Opti-Visor for a lot of work. That and proper lighting helps me greatly
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  18. Yes
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  20. Saw the title, came to the thread, wasn't what I thought.

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  21. Are they still using Allen screws? My Loaded 1911A1 had them. I tore them off and put the basic Colt ones on it that require a flathead screwdriver.
  22. Harbor Freight has a handy set of bits for about $10. It has standard and metric hex and torx bits, including tamper resistant. It has hollow ground flat bits and quite a few weird bits like triwing and others.