Scooby Doo Attacked

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    Corrections Officer Charged With Attacking Scooby Doo...

    POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT September 16, 2005

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Investigators said a Scooby Doo character was attacked at Universal Studios and the man charged with the crime is a corrections officer in Hillsborough County. Witnesses said the man maliciously beat the character for no reason.

    The officer bonded out of jail, but now the case is with the State Attorney's Office. The character alleges he was hit in the head and suffered head injuries.

    It was supposed to be just a regular theme park photo with Scooby Doo. When Eddie Bronson arrived at Universal Studios, he saw Scooby and stopped so that his daughter could take a picture with the dog and shaggy. But witnesses said that was not the only thing that happened.

    "According to witnesses, they indicated he was manhandling Scooby," said Sgt. Barbara Jones, Orlando Police Department.

    Bronson told police he was only petting Scooby. But, according to a statement, Bronson grabbed the character's head and was shaking it. The statement then said Bronson started to grab the character's snout and pull him down.

    When a Universal Studios employee saw it happening, she walked up to Bronson and said, "Please be gentle, Scooby is a dog and he might bite."

    Scooby pushed Bronson away and then he tried to walk away.

    "He turned to try to talk to another guest and Mr. Bronson, according to witnesses, used a fist and struck the back part of the Scooby costume.

    Investigators said person who was inside the costume suffered a head injury and the costume was damaged. The Department of Juvenile Justice, Bronson's employer, said it was not take any disciplinary action until the department reviewed the facts in the case.