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School tells boy to take American flag off bike

  1. http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-americanflagbike11122010,0,3045879.htmlstory

    There should be a law that any american can fly the american flag on any private property they own. This is just stupid.

    Tell them what you think!

    Aaron Delworth - Principal - [email protected]
    Elise Domico - Guidance Counselor - [email protected]
    Kathy Wade - Principal's Secretary - [email protected]
    Jeannie Herrington - Receptionist - [email protected]
    Melissa Oei - Campus Supervisor - [email protected]
  2. We are in America. Right?
  3. Nope. Not anymore.
  4. Especially not since Hussein and Pelosi etc. took over.

  5. Does the school have a flag on the flag pole? If they do what countries is it? This is ridiculous
  6. I can't believe this.What has become of the United States of America ? tom.:faint:
  7. I guess I don't understand what makes the moron school officials think they should care about every complaint.
  8. I dropped a line to the Principal,hope everyone will do the same. Everyday California seems farther and farther away. It's a shame,I used to live there and loved it.
  9. I'm sure the ACLU has already filed a brief on the boy's behalf. :whistling:
  10. If anyone needs me I'll be out back building my rocket to Mars. This planet has gone to hell on a rail.
  11. Have also sent one. Until Americans start to speak up for American values, they will be trampled. How is it you can have hispanic days at a school, but not fly an American flag?
  12. We are. They are in California.
  13. If there are really any "racial tensions" or "uprisings" on account of this kids flag, then maybe the behavioral problem is on the part of the complainers, and not the kid flying the flag.

    Anyone who'd use the mere sight of an American flag to do violence has obviously got criminal intent in their head anyway, so it's that person, and not the flag that needs to be removed from the school.
  14. Would someone please explain why displaying an American flag would "cause racial tensions"?
    I must have missed something. That's a new one on me.
  15. Wish the schools would pay as much attention to Bullying complaints.

  16. Looks to me as though we are getting closer to armed rebellion... had enough yet? Do we need to take more? The transgressions against the people of this nation continue to grow. Had enough yet? How's that vote working for ya?

    Yeah I am asking the questions that most are thinking but do damn scared to ask. I am tired of the BS, tired of watching a country I was once proud of disintegrate into a socialist nanny state of intolerance for anything American. How about you? Had enough yet? Or do you have to take more?
  17. How the hell do you survive in that town you live in (where I'm from)? I didn't have enough co-resistance so I just got out of there.
  18. Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said Cody Alicea, 13, was told not to fly the U.S. flag from his bike while at Denair Middle School after complaints from other students, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, Calif., reported.

    "(The) First Amendment is important," Parraz said. "We want the kids to respect it, understand it, and with that comes a responsibility."

    Parraz said racial tensions boiled over at the school this year around the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

    "Our Hispanic, you know, kids will, you know, bring their Mexican flags and they'll display it, and then of course the kids would do the American flag situation, and it does cause kind of a racial tension which we don't really want," Parraz said. "We want them to appreciate the cultures."

  19. Are we in Mexico?
  20. Everyone has the right to fly the flag of their choosing. Everyone has the right piss and moan about others' flags. NO ONE has the right to harass or assault someone over their flag or whining. The school needs to address any unlawful manifestations of the "tensions," not try to head them off.
  21. That's way I moved out and wont move back.
  22. I wonder if he would have any problems with a pirate flag, or rainbow flag, or a flag of the local sports team on his bike.

    I really don't get Califorina anymore.
  23. Tell that to the American Military Veterans. I guarantee you that wont FLY!
  24. That is California. Mexican flags are OK. But not the American Flag.
  25. ??

    Really? American vets would not allow someone to fly any flag they like? What if someone from Ireland wants to fly an Irish flag in his yard? They'd have a problem with that? Why?
  26. Umm, yeah thats whats the problem. The fact is it does not require a response of violance, it requires Americans to speak up for what they believe in. Two decades of PC has caused most americans to just remain silent, or not participate in combating it.

    When the silent majority speak up, things will change.

    The fact is that the school is letting children of Hispanic origin have their way, instead of teaching them they LIVE in America. A little respect for our nation is what they need to learn. If they really want it to be Mexico so much, go back to mexico!
  27. Send all the mess-i-cans back where hey came from! :tongueout::tongueout:

    Illegals can go to :tongueout:h:tongueout:!
  28. I want to see Principal Delworth's letter in which he refused all his federal funding.
  29. If I lived in another country, I wouldn't fly the American flag on the 4th of July just because it seems a little rude. In the USA, fly the American flag, in Mexico, fly the Mexican flag. Don't go into someone's country and act like a tool. Sorry Mexicans but you need to show some respect.

    Texas and CA are already owned by Mexicans. They let them in and we have Texas and CA to blame. Mostly Texas.
  30. Better yet, call the school. The number is (209) 632-2510. E-mail can (and will) be ignored but they gotta answer the phones.

  31. They've shut their website down.
  32. I bet his kid was letting the flag hot the ground and just being disrespectful of it as well as he didn't know flag etiquette.
  33. The problem I see is that speaking out results in very real negative repurcussions for most Americans.

    College student? Forget it; you will be failed in your classes. Have a job for company with more than 500 employees? You will be terminated. Volunteer for various charities? You will be no longer needed.

    I'm afraid that speaking out is no longer an option.

    When a person's livelihood is directly threatened by political correctness it is no longer something you can simply "speak out" against.

  34. You nioticed that? The reason public pressure will work is because he is an interim superintendent.

    Now, lets look at the root cause and I will go so far as to wager that if illegals came to America with the intention of assimilating, and develop their new American heritage while still respecting their own, most Americans would not really care they are here.

    But they don't. The refuse to learn English, force Spanish into the schools, join laraza and in general create little Mexico cities wherever they go. They want the benfits of America, but not the cultural change. Unfortunatly they would already have had amnesty but they chose the wrong approach.
  35. I think it just goes to show what happens when multiculturalism goes hyper sensitive. Common sense goes out the window, and they operate on impulsive emotion. It's like a disease of the spirit.
  36. We fly every flag from every Country on World Mission Week at our Church.
    However, our American Flag is big and bold before them all.
    And yes we do fly the Christian flag.
    I have no problem in respecting and honoring our neighbors in this world we live. I even believe we should reach out to them in love and compassion.
    I just don't believe someone should plant another countries victory flag of conquest in our face and think Americans will be fine with it.
  37. I completely agree. I hope you didn't interpret my post above as saying something different. :wavey:

  38. Asshats — the lot of them. :shakehead:
  39. There were a few threads here months ago where some thought it was ok for vets to violate HOA bylaws they themselves signed into simply because they were vets. HH
  40. i sent all five of those "school officials" an email detailing exactly why they "have the right" to tell the kid that he can't fly the flag - BECAUSE of all current and former military personnel, especially the disabled veterans (including me) that are fighting and have fought for their rights and freedoms

    im definitely not trying to side with them; i just hope they can see the irony in the rights they now have because of all current and prior military.
  41. he he he.... servers down, phones not answered at school or district. I think America is calling....
  42. They may not be open today. If it's a public school like the ones my kids attend, they are out for Veterans' Day. If the phones aren't answering, it could be the voicemail boxes are full.
  43. I like that kid. :patriot:
  44. now they phone comes back 'all circuits busy'. :rofl:
  45. If their goal was to avoid controversy, they fell a little short.
  46. You know what we should do bomb bard their emails box with email and a attachment picture that includes a flag ;
  47. external pressure will win. The reason given was that there were racial tensions rising over cinco de mayo. The 'offended' kids need to learn they live in America. Why the hell are there any tensions over a flag when you live in America?
  48. Knee jerk reaction ...sorry
  49. So, they backed down. The superintendent says they were only concerned about the boy's safety. If they understand the nature of the threat against the boy's safety, they should be addressing it directly, not by stifling the boy's rights. The superintendent implied they knew some of the actors and would speak to their families, but this should have been their first course of action. Instead, it seems to be a reaction to the firestorm the campus supervisor has sparked.

    IMO, the campus supervisor needs to face some discipline over this.