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School Property

  1. Ok , I work for a Indiana public school . I have my carry permit. I have no intention of bringing a gun into the school . Can I leave a gun (pistol) in the trunk of my car , while I am at work . The reason being , the range I go to is about 2 miles or so from school, but I live about 20 miles from there. So basically I wouldn`t want to go all the way back home 20 miles and come back another 20 miles, when I could leave work and stop at the range that is so near work.I`m not sure on the law for this situation.
  2. Can you park elsewhere?
  3. I will defer to the legal eagles here, but the way I read the law, you can only take a firearm onto school property if you are picking someone up and remain in the vehicle. Once the gun is in your car on school property... well, it is on school property!

    If your principal is the gun tolerant sort, perhaps he could assign you to an official parking lot armed security guard that would allow you to carry a firearm. I doubt they would go that far unless you were properly trained, acredited, and insured, but one never knows...
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  5. The short answer, NO.

    Unless you have a badge, you can't leave a gun in your car on school property. I have a similer problem, as I work in schools & can not always park off property.

    This is one of the many reasons we need to get, "has valid Licence to Carry" added to the list of exceptions to this stupid law!
  6. OK, I was thinking NO also , but wasn`t quite 100 percent sure . I had read that pice "Arbitrary " listed sometime in the past . But sometime I can`t read legaleze and comprehend eveything. There really is no off property parking near by. I have been going to the range on the weekend , but that involves extra gas and time. Most any other job and I would be Ok .