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School me on HIGH QUALITY G26 Holsters

  1. People are always saying "get a high quality holster" - I'd like to do that.

    I like leather OWB holsters. I'm looking for something that's going to last years and not become flimsy. I'd like to keep the cost around $200 and I'm not afraid to wait a bit for it to be built.

    Mitch Rosen holsters look nice. I like the style and cut of the 5JR.

    What are some other options? Would like one for my G26.
  2. SCK Silk Custom Kydex on Facebook.
  3. For leather , with looks and leather quality being paramount? Mitch Rosen, Milt Sparks....

    For everyday, don't care about what it looks like, conceals well and is tough as nails and super durable? Glock Sport Combat holster, about $12...
  4. Here's two, in addition to Mitch Rosen. One would be Milt Sparks, and another would be Tucker Gunleather. I'm actually looking at a Tucker DC 2. It a leather lined Kydex Paddle holster, and perfect for me. Tucker also makes the HF-1, which is a beautiful belt holster.
  5. Privateer leather and ttgunleather.
  6. I use the Rosen Premier Express for my G26 & G27. It was a gift from another instructor. It's fairly decent, so I haven't bothered to order a different leather holster.

    If I were going to buy another good quality leather belt scabbard of my own choice, it would be a Don Hume H726. I've owned many of them for different duty and personally-owned pistols. It's a semi-open front, spring-loaded holster that allows for a very fast draw because the weapon doesn't have to be lifted very high for the slide to clear the front of the holster.

    These are some of the different H726's I've used over the years.


    The older design used tunnel loops (Right in below pic), while the newer design uses simple belt slots (Left in pic).

    This holster, carried for plainclothes work, has surprised an occasional suspect now and again with its speed. As one of my partners (who I convinced to try one, after he'd watched me run mine while we worked the range) told me after we'd arrested a 2-strike suspect with drugs and a gun - and who'd tried to draw the gun on my partner - "This is the fastest holster I've ever used".
  7. Looked briefly. Looking for leather, didn't see any. Do they make leather hosters?

    Less concerned with looks, but like leather and the comfort that goes with it. If it looks great, so be it - really want something that's quality that will last years. The Milt Sparks holsters look good.

    I do have a Glock Sport Combat holster.

    That Tucker Pancake holster looks like it might fit the bill too. Thanks for that.
  8. Mitch Rosen makes great OWB holsters. Even their Express line is very good. I have the 5JR Express model for just about every gun I own
  9. One of the best leather holster makers is Kramer Leather, and he's been one of the best for over 20 yrs. I started using his horsehide holsters as a LEO back in the early 90s. I've been a faithful customer since then.


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  10. Thanks for that - that H726 looks really interesting. Appreciate the pics and description.
  11. Glock w: Al Mar knife.JPG

    Basic pancake holster from Tauris Holsters. I've used it pretty much daily since 2003 or 2004.
  12. That rubber band is still looking frayed ....
  13. This
  14. Another vote for Mitch Rosen. I have his 5JR in his premium line. Also really like TT Gunleather and Milt Sparks. I have all three makers and would not hesitate to recommend any of them. Mitch Rosen and Milt Sparks have extremely long wait times. TT Gunleather makes an exceptional holster and his wait time is about 3 weeks.
  15. De nada.

    The thing that really interested me in the H726 was the reduced Elbow Up/Elbow Down movement involved in the drawing motion, which is also kind on worn shoulders. ;) The muzzle clears the front of the spring-loaded semi-open holster's low mouth very quickly, and is then able to be pivoted and swept forward toward the threat. Faster than having to fully lift a pistol's muzzle all the way up to clear the high front of most of the typical scabbards.

    I liked that speed and ease of presentation, as I'd been used to wearing a Hoyt breakfront for my issued service revolver up until the time we'd transitioned to double stack 9's. (Talk about fast.) The semi-open/semi-break front of the H726 reminded me of the Hoyt's ease and speed.

    I still kick myself for not having been able to order a H726 back when they still made them for revolvers, as that would've made drawing my full-size off-duty revolvers a lot easier (and faster).
  16. I also vote for Mitch Rosen 5JR. I have an Express version for my G43 and a premium version for my PM9. Both are equally functional, but their premium version is pretty nice. It will definitely last a few decades with normal use.
  17. My favorite holster by far is the Milt Sparks Versa Max II.

    It is a IWB but because of the way it is made the holster stays open.

    It honestly is an amazing holster.

    It is pretty much the only holster I use any more.
  18. My top three that are often available at good prices used are: TT Gunleather, Milt Sparks, and Tucker Holsters/Locked & Loaded. Less common, but fantastic quality I would add Warbird Leather and Brigade Leather. There are many other great options, but anything from these will be top of the line and worth the price.
  19. I like the looks of that Don Hume H726. Looks like it would accommodate my G27 with RMR very nicely.

  20. Not to mention he doesn’t make holsters for Glocks at all.
  21. TT Gunleather

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  22. OWB Leather = Kramer horsehide belt scabbard, as good as it gets. Been carrying my primary EDC and off-duty gun in one of these since the early 90s. From a SIG P226, P220, P225, P239, Glock 19, Glock 26 and many other guns.

    Today my two primary EDC guns are my Shadow Systems MR918 and my Glock 26. Both are carried primarily in a Kramer horsehide OWB belt scabbard.

    GREAT holster - and I have owned numerous holsters in the last 35 years.
    OP, good luck on your decision.
  23. well if you want high quality and best fit and finish...
    my favorite is Milt Sparks
    in my opinion they are superior to Mitch Rosen and many others
    very well made....
    very heavy duty
    made to last a lifetime or two
    i use the VM2 and love them....
    i would highly suggest contacting them with your needs and i am sure they can help you
    well worth the wait
    buy it once and be done with it
    God Bless,John
  24. Fastbolt,
    you got a link to that holster...? I cant seem to find it on their website. Discontinued maybe?

    Never mind, i found them, i typed in the wrong info on my search. I had one of these. Wished i`d never got rid of it, but i just couldnt remember for the life of me who made it. So glad you posted it!

    Thanks FB ;)
  25. I was a Milt Sparks Versa Max II fan boy forever— I have half a dozen of them. Until I discovered TT Gunleather. Their reinforced Mike’s Special sits lower and has slightly more cant leading to a more comfortable and more concealed carry for my guns. I originally ordered a TT Gunleather Mike’s Special for my Glock 43 for something to wear until my Milt Sparks Versa Max was done. About six months later, when my Versa Max II finally arrived, I discovered it wasn’t made any better and that I actually preferred the way the TT Gunleather IWB carried much better. So now I have a completely unused Versa Max II for the Glock 43. Recently, someone told me that Milt Spark’s Criterion carried very similar to TT Gunleather. I’m thinking of trying a Criterion out, but I doubt I will ever order another Versa Max II.
  26. Well as one who has yet to find a superior holster
    I would love to see a review with both holsters
    Would u be willing to do this for us?
    I have heard good things about TT gunleather too
    Thank you for this great info
    Always looking for the most comfortable
    God Bless,John

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  27. Here’s a quick and dirty review of the TT Gunleather reinforced Mike’s Special vs. the Milt Sparks Versa Max II IWB holsters.

    Both are comfortable and exceptionally well made and available with optional trim. I opted to get the Sharkskin trim on my TT Gunleather, but opted for the plain leather on my Milt Sparks. Functionally, aside from the trim, they are both IWB holsters that conceal well.

    The top holster is my TT Gunleather and the bottom holster is my Milt Sparks Versa Max II. Both are for my Glock 43. Not sure if you can tell, but the TT Gunleather is more compact and sits lower with slightly more cant. Having both of them to compare, the TT Gunleather is night and day more comfortable for all day carry than the Milt Sparks. If I had to do it all over again, I would not have ordered the Versa Max II. I’m very satisfied with the TT Gunleather. I have since heard that the Milt Sparks Criterion is similar to the TT Gunleather, so it might be my next IWB holster. TT Gunleather’s turn around time is around 3 weeks.

    B9682AE4-1B9B-4523-B6A0-C36CB84E95D0.jpeg A63C8B90-2CD7-4249-B896-B5B48F4EB756.jpeg
  28. Spend as much as you like,but for a holster that works in rain,high heat,is comfortable,concealable and is easy to draw/reholster buy a Glock Sport Combat holster for $12.00 as mentioned before.
  29. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced high quality leather holster you should give Wright Leatherworks a look. Saw an ad in a magazine and checked them out, have since ordered 3 of them and have really enjoyed the quality of their work. Great fit and finish, well worth the cost.

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  30. I have a Mitch Rosen express for my G27 that I like a lot and won't cost you $200.
  31. Those custom made holsters are pretty but for almost the last 10 years I've been using a Bianchi Model 7 Shadow II. Not fancy but it holds very close and has held up well. I can be pretty active with a holstered gun so I like the thumb break not only for retention, but also protects the gun from bumps and scrapes especially if you have to lay down on top of it.

    With heavy winter cloths it's also handy to carry cross draw and this holster allows you to do it. Lifting up a heavy coat doesn't work and fully opening it either takes time or it's to danged cold to walk around that way. WIth the jacket partially open, I can still have access to my pistol when carrying cross draw.

    I think it's still around $60.

    G26 Holster.jpg
  32. All my Glocks go in a Mitch Rosen UPL-EXP.
    I prefer high ride with no "cant".
    He doesn't make them with 1 3/4" belt slots so I use a very sharp knife to open them up.
    Wilderness 1 3/4" Instructor belt with standard stitch.
    Here's a G36 in a UPL:
  33. I want to add the no "cant" hides better and is more comfy to me.
    With forward tilt holster the back of the slide pokes forward.
    The higher ride feels better.
    Here's a G43 in UPL-EXP on Boston Leather garrison belt.
  34. I have been buying leather holsters since 1978 but when I went to Glocks I prefer the kydex type especially the affordable Glock Sport Combat Holster ($12.00) that is perfect for Glock 26, 19 or 17 so I do not need three holsters for three pistols.
  35. Thanks - I actually do have an upper limit express for my G43 that I like quite a bit. It holds the gun up high and conceals really well.

    I'm looking for something that sits a bit lower for the G26.
  36. Mitch Rosen 5JR.
  37. Maybe try the President Express. Basically the same holster, just a lower drop.
  38. Simply Rugged makes an OWB called the Cuda. My favorite holster for my Glock 26. This is a high quality holster at an affordable price. They use some of the thickest leather I’ve ever seen on a holster.
  39. [​IMG]

    Maybe the best OWB for the Glock 26 ever made!
  40. Contact Andrews Custom Leather.
  41. Nixon gun leather out of Alliance Nebraska.The owb holsters are 100 dollars and constructed as well as my Mitch rosen.If I buy an owb Nixon is the only one I will buy after having most of the top brands.
  42. For iwb I prefer the Milt sparks versa max 2 over the TT gunleather mikes special.Both are quality holsters but I do not like the way the loops are fastened to the holster on the mikes special.The screws came out and had to have him send me some more because I lost one.Got some more screws and put Loctite on them but still doesn't feel as secure as the VM2.
  43. Whoa, looked ‘em up - very nice work.
  44. If you look, the same screw set up is used on the Versa Max II. I’ve had screws loosen up on both holsters. Have to check on them now and then.
  45. If you want something simple, try a Don Hume J.I.T. slide. I'm wearing one right now, with a Tucker Ranger Belt. Shop all the holsters you want, but when you do, don't forget the belt. A good belt can improve the cheapest holster, but the best holster on the market won't work well if it's on a poor belt.
  46. If you haven't ordered from someone yet, I would second Kramer's horsehide holsters, but my 1st choice of late has been holsters made by Ryan Grizzle. His craftsmanship is second to none, fit & finish is beyond excellent, as is attention to detail. There is a wait to get one after you order it, but it is well worth it. Flip through his gallery of customer pics on his web site, and, you find more than one that you would like to have. The High Country holster that I had made for my 26 is wonderful to wear. Look at rgrizzleleather.com
  47. Stealthgearusa.com

    IWB Revolution Hybrid. Molds to the shape of your body and is breathable for all day comfort.


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  48. Another vote for Kramer. I have about a dozen of their holsters all in horsehide.