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Scent elimination

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by USMC Medic, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. USMC Medic

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Camp Lejeune
    So I just purchased the Scent Blocker Freak Nasty jacket and pants and would like to know how to properly wash them. This is the first time that I have use, bought, messed with the carbon technology so, I spent a good amount of money and don't want to do something stupid so close to deer season.

    I have the Hunter Specialty's detergent which I usually wash my clothes in. I've read the directions, but I was wondering if someone who uses the Scent Blocker clothing with carbon technology and help me out with preparing it for the season.
  2. havensal

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    Aug 14, 2003
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    Never used it. I know a couple of people that use them. They say there is no obvious advantage, but the still pay for it anyway. :dunno:

    I did read that there is a lawsuit somewhere claiming the the stuff don't work. :dunno:

  3. CanyonMan

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    Jul 26, 2002
    Now just cause this product is not been heard of by many folks, and you don't see it in all the popular stores, do not let this fool ya.

    I used these products for the 25 years I was a guide. I still use them.

    I have sat on the ground and had buck deer walk within 8 feet of me. (of course there is more to all this than a bottle of cover/lure) ;)

    I had an "empty bottle" of the Pete Richards original Indian buck lure thrown in the back/bed of the ranch truck. I had just shot a deer, and came back to the truck to get something and there was a 12 point buck leaning over the bed of the truck trying to get to the empty bottle (that was open), and the truck smelled of gasoline, diesel, grease, and a host of other smells from the stuff I was haulin around on the ranch. He was goin nuts !

    Now, I can tell ya a good deal more of these, and they are all true. This stuff really works. I will not use anything else when I hunt. for cover or attractant.

    Be wise, and don't get apple sent or desert flower, if you live in an area where these things are not found in the wild. It can repel them. Some folks load up on cedar sent, and there is not a cedar within 100 miles of them. Get something conducive as you can to the area, or a 'no scent spray' would be best IMO and use the natural elements around you to rub on your clothes as you get out of the truck in the morning.

    I rub sage and cedar all over my clothes head to boots, chrushed up in my glove and rubbed all over. This and a 'no sent cover spray' has always worked for me, and their attractent in the little bottle with the indian on it.... Well if you don't want a buck on your back, don't get any on ya. :rofl: I've seen them try and eat the empty bottles, and they will come n close. Again, this stuff really works. ;)

    I placed a bow hunter in Oklahoma on a ground blind one time and put a few cotton balls out with the Indian Buck lure on them about 30yds from him. (the bow hunter). The mule deer came running at them going crazy. Well the city dude had spilled some on his clothes, and the buck came after him, walked up within a few feet of the guy stared at him for a couple seconds and made a grunt noise at the old boy then ran off. The client was mad and scared stiff.... I just, :rofl:

    I had warned him ! haha.

    I'm sure you know there is far more to having these kind of hunts than a can of scent, and all I used for years and years for cover (and still do) is what is natural to where I am hunting, crushed up and rubbed on the clothes, even the hat and boots. But amigo, I will always have some of the P.R. product on/with me......


    Good luck
    God hunting

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