Scathing anti-Obama article in Romania's largest newspaper

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    They compare him with Iliescu, Romania's corrupt neo-communist President from the 90's. And believe me, that guy isn't somebody you want to be compared with.

    In 1990 Iliescu brought to the capital Bucharest several train loads of miners from the poorest, most uneducated region of Romania. He told these violent brutes that students, university professors, other intellectuals, members of opposition Parties and artists who were gathered in the heart of the capital of Romania for a peaceful anti-communist protest were in fact druggies, fascists and enemies of the State paid by foreign powers to overthrow the Iliescu regime. He asked them to help the police to "clean-up the capital from the traitors and enemies"

    What followed is one of the most shameful chapters of Romania post revolution history.

    Peaceful protesters were beaten by a mob of thousands of miners with chains, shovels, pickaxes and other tools miners use in their trade; an unknown number of people were killed and buried in unmarked graves; the University of Bucharest was ransacked, rare books burned, scientific research destroyed; headquarters of opposition Parties were looted and burned down; people on the streets were targeted and beaten simply because they wore glasses or a beard, thus they looked like intellectuals or students; women were kidnapped and raped from streets in plain daylight.

    Unspeakable horrors happened during those days Romanians now call "The Mineriada" Here are a couple of images from those days:






    At the end of three days of terror, President Iliescu gathered the miners who helped him crush the opposition pro-democracy protest and thanked them "for restoring the peace and helping with cleaning an planting trees and flowers in the University Plaza". Here is a propaganda photo:


    And now, 25 year later Romania's largest newspaper compares President Obama with Iliescu and draws a parallel between Obama's constant use of racial fomented mob violence to achieve his political goals and Iliescu's 1990 Mineriada.

    Google Translated:

    State Of The Nation and Obama's American Mineriada

    When Barack Obama became president, the majority black population of the United States of breathing thrilled and relieved.
    An African-American, a champion of justice, equality, human rights and do not last, hope for the majority of the globe arrived minority leader of the free world. Merits American executive, catapulted from obscurity to the Oval Office in 24 short months, were exacerbated among others, the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Rarely in history has a man been so honored and revered, not magnificent achievements or heroics, but for what they might do in the future more or less distant.

    This charming character, charismatic and appealing look a rara avis, a combination of Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Pope Francis. Today, in the fall of 2015, Barak Obama is for many Americans a glorious sunset, another professional politician in the post of head of state, one mediocre and irrelevant to America and the world.
    Big promises and hopes of 2008 have turned into controversy and repeated failures. The so-called elections "midterm" in 2014, the vast majority of Democratic candidates running for Congress and Senate president stayed away, considering it toxic for the success of their campaigns. Impressive promises made at the beginning of the first mandate remained less settled or not.

    Status American nation and the global crises and endless wars are the subject of discussion and some controversy unprecedented. Instead, Barak Obama today is less concerned today debilitating seizures of the United States and the world and totally consumed by his spiritual legacy. Obama reached its obsession with the idea of how history will judge him after his departure from the White House.

    In the Oval Office, former senator of Illinois has a reputation as a difficult man, arrogant and stubborn, contrary to all appearances. Defections around him began to grow. A veteran Congress leader, another Democrat confessed that the great success not much Obama will remain the first black president of America and so. Even the Republican author believed that even the racial relations, as Obama will not fail. Unfortunately, he was wrong. In reality, the president Jimmy Carter here, no American leader has presided over a period marked by so many violent uprisings and nationally, most meaningless and reason. Since the devastating riots in Baltimore Maryland at the Ferguson - to Missouri and Illinois Sprinfield anarchic violence, Sanford Oakland California or Florida, the anger of those who are determined to destroy or steal anything that is handy became legendary.

    Where found great leader and Barak Obama in national helmsman these barbaric and shameful episodes for America? What was the message President and intervention by those affected or devastated by these tragedies? When a young black man was shot in a scuffle in Sanford Florida in 2012, President Obama identified himself with it promptly, "I could be Trayvon Martin, I could be the victim". Such statement was interpreted as a carte blanche by extremists color. It was more a call to "arms", a new rebellion.
    Months later, the man who shot Trayvon Martin him, a so-called guardian of the neighborhood, George Zimmerman, was found guilty by a jury which included many African Americans. Meanwhile, 21 people lost their lives because of this incident and the damage amounted to more than 100 million dollars. Unlike most young whites, Asians or Latin Americans in the United States there is a segment of people of color radicalized. They live today in real ghettos and act as if they have nothing to lose. Dispose without property, they can not be expelled from schools or high schools, because a good part of them already abandoned years ago or more are suspended. They can not be dismissed, because many do not work anywhere. The university no longer the question. Their parents are addicted not only social, but even drugs. Most of the women conceived numerous children with different men. These men are often imprisoned themselves, depriving "motivated" to raise children and, especially, to pay alimony. Classic family structure that we know all there is to this social group. This status quo

    No real excuse their behavior, but it certainly helps us to understand the next generation perpetuating situation. These young people are convinced that they have a future, that we owe society and state life and their misery is caused by others, specifically by white people. This part of African-American group would have become the top priority of the Obama administration and less normalization of diplomatic relations with the regime in Havana, national health insurance, or state nuclear reactors in Iran.

    For Romanians familiar with the country's modern history and living in the US social crisis management in recent years by the White House seem to have a taste of miners in Bucharest. Not because rebels hunted opposition parties and their leaders, but because the degree of barbarity and violence against other Americans expressed Americans resembled those seen in Romania in 1990 and 1991. Romanian President then called "action" on ortacii (brothers) from Jiu Valley, while President Obama through his silence or tendentious comments became complicit in these misdeeds.

    By refusing to directly condemn this kind of violence, Barak Obama offered their justification. Mr. Obama has a mission to improve relations implicit racial and social services in the United States. In reality, they have deteriorated to the point where such incidents have become too common and devastating at the same time. The emancipation of the poor, mostly black people and "redistributing" wealth from the wealthy to the needy affected only the lower middle class. Those with middle and low income are taxed more severely nonchalantly now and are pushed into poverty. The rich and super rich remain the same taxes as before, what has not changed their lifestyle and even mood. ObamaCare, mighty insurance plan "for all Americans," sounded from ostentation to adult bankrupted not only Doctors and clinics, but will destroy an entire medical industry soon. Income redistribution and strategy to encourage mediocrity by lowering academic standards in state schools is another coup de grace given current American society.

    Barak Obama has perpetuated racism in many ways reversed. With or without intention, we experience it in New York almost daily. Just as friends and colleagues from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston and Los Angeles. Apathy and hostility, aggression and indifference, all targeted more often than you'd expect primarily by white people (or Asian) of a segment of the black population. Besieged cyberspace by Chinese who steal our daily most precious data and intelligence, tease, feint and threatened shamelessly Russia's Putin terrorized systematically fanaticism of ISIS and Al-Qaida, iacătă state pride America nearly seven years of government Barak Obama. As Romanian-Americans still contemplate repatriation, but if Ronald Reagan were alive today does not recognize the current state of the nation and federation called the United States.

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    Obama, and the democratic party remind me of some other characters from history, namely Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, some of their intellectual propaganda is strikingly, eerily similar, particularly their ruthless reliance upon PC, and the resetting of history to ridiculous contemporary events! Obama may not get the opportunity to preside over a democide, but any serious observer of the man cannot deny his obvious willingness, his absolute rigidity of ideological belief!

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    Once again, leave it to the foreign press to tell the truth.
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    The comparison is uncomfortably spot on. But "it'd never happen here."

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