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SBR in Missouri

  1. I'm trying to find out what all I need to do to register an SBR in the state of MO. I have herd many things and all of them seem to differ on the procedures.

    I have heard I need a:
    C&R FFL
    Form 4 sent and filled out with a check
    Sign off form the County Sherrifs office
    Pass port photos and finger printing

    FYI, I am looking to purchase a stripped lower (or could buy a complete lower) from CMMG as they are local to MO. I figured that would save having to ship a lower out and have it engraved.

    Also, CMMG told me they could take care of all of my paperwork, but I assume they mean just getting the lower designated as a NFA item from a production standpoint, and I still need to do all my own for the purchase of it.

    Also, can MO residents own a "Can" if they have the tax stamp?

    Any insight would be helpful.

    Thanks a million in advance!
  2. I am not an expert on MO NFA law; however, the following should get you on the right track.

    MO requires an FFL for NFA items. The easiest FFL type to obtain is a C&R FFL. If you have a legitimate gun-related business, you can obtain a manufacturing, dealer, etc, type of FFL if that is appropriate.

    Other than that, MO should be the same as any other NFA state in regard to the Form 4 process.

    I believe suppressors are now legal with a bill that passed about two years ago.
  3. Thanks for the info!!! If I buy the lower from the factory and they register it as a NFA weapon before I purchase it as such, will I still have to go through the engraving route?

    Thanks again
  4. If it was originally manufactured as an SBR, it does not need to be engraved a "second" time.
  5. Thats what I'm shooting for, thanks for the info!
  6. I have two factory SBR CMMG AR15 lowers, one in 9mm and one in 5.56. They are great to work with.

    Get started on the c&r as it takes abt 10 weeks to get it back and you will need that to get started.

    Not sure where you are in MO, but if you ever need a firearms engraver, there's a great one in Lees Summit that several of us use.