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SB 251 i'm very upsent sorry for the rant.....

  1. It was voted 52 for 13 against and 10 were not present. It looks like we lost this one even though it was ammended. I can't believe they even wasted their time. You can still have a weapon in the Dorm it just allows others to request a roomate without a permit or weapon. It also states they can have a room designated off limits to guns only while in use and they must provide gun detection equipment for the room itself. This is what I made of it let me know if you find anything different or interperate it differently? I was pushing hardcore for our 2nd ammendment right and this bill to be dropped. I am LEO but I am upset they would restrict those who lawfully obtained a permit and weapon. I too am a civilian with a job that allows me certain rights but that does not set me apart from the good men and women who carry legally and help save lifes on a daily basis. The BG at Trolly square didn't care if there were signs he went on his shooting spree anyway. These signs and restrictions just keep the good guys from protecting innocent people and loved ones. I guarantee more CCW carriers were there that night I don't know what would have kept them from helping out maybe family or the no weapons signs I don't know but if those signs kept honorable CCW citizens from saving lifes shame on the people who feel those signs instill a sense of safety to shoppers. I hope they re-think their logic after this. The blood of innocent people was shed when it didn't have to be. I hope the represenatives who are against CCW and weapons being allowed in certain public places who restrict our 2nd Ammendment Rights our Forefathers fought and died for feel a little bit of guilt knowing they made the very law that kept someone from defending a loved one or an innocent individual. I know several represenatives who carry and support it but unfortunately the majority does not. Sorry for the rant I feel our rights are being taken from us slowly and piece by piece and soon we won't have any. Share your thoughts. I also personally would like to express my gratitude for the Officers and Civilians who helped that night at Trolly square and who help daily to make the world a better place for us to live in. I express my deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones that night and pray that they can move on and find peace. May the savior bless all of those effected by this terrible event.

    P.S. I hope I have not offended anyone. This was not intended to upset others just express how I have been feeling. Hopefully some of you feel the same. Great site for support and brotherhood.
  2. I feel the same way.

    I'm a little confused though. If the bill was changed, does the Senate have to vote on it again? I'm not sure how they work that.

    Does the governor have to sign it before the midnight deadline?