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"Saying 'I'm not racist' isn't good enough"

  1. Then nothing ever will be. Nothing that any human should ever have to do, anyway.

    Sorry, I can't post in the politics section yet, but I had to say this. If it gets moved, so be it, I'll post there in a week or so.
  2. Your words say one thing and your actions another.

    I agree though, from the heart the mouth speaks
  3. Giving lip service to something isn't the same as living it.

    Well, unless you're in politics ... :p
  4. I think there a lot of people who aren’t saying what they are feeling. Safer that way.
  5. Who's accusingly you of racism? Maybe they just need a hug?
  6. You could hand deliver your wife's ass on a platter of hundred dollar bills, and it wouldn't be good enough.

    Stop playing nice.
  7. The mechanics of this are obvious. Liberals need a large voting base. They give benefits to the nonworking segment of the society and in return they get votes. The race card is used by liberals to get votes, and by some blacks to get additional benefits and privileges. I am sure when the rest of the population will get as poor as people in the ghetto, liberals will abandon blacks and will say that blacks are a danger, that they should be segregated once again, sent back to Africa, and so on.
  8. Is me not being racist good enough?
  9. Proving you AREN'T something is pretty difficult.
  10. You shouldn't even have to say it. Otherwise every day are we are supposed to wake up, grab a cup of Joe, stand on the front steps and proclaim to the world:

    I'm not a racist!
    I'm not a murderer!
    I'm not an adulterer!
    I'm not a thief!

    You see the basic problem with the left, is something that our wise founders recognized. It's an evil society where you are presumed guilty until you prove your innocence.
  11. LOL I have been accused of being a racist so many times (by some people I used to consider friends, no less) that I now just stop listening to them when they say it. Apparently, describing the elephant in the room to some people is verboten and not politically correct. Oh well...not my elephants and not my circus.
  12. I’m white. I have been told on several occasions that just being white makes me a racist. Period.

    Furthermore I’ve been told that because I’m white it is impossible for me to ever have been the subject of racism by another.

    And saying I’m not a racist or saying I’ve been subjected to racist actions by another person just proves I’m a racist.

    It’s not about race. It’s about promoting hate.
  13. I honestly don't give a **** if someone thinks I'm racist. I spent nearly half of my life being accused of racism simply because I wore a badge. That slur merits nothing more than a yawn from me, if I even care to have a response.

    I'm not going to convince anyone who makes that accusation that it's untrue, so why bother trying? The only opinions that I value all come from people who live in my home. There's one or two others out there that I might consider, but those are from people that are longtime friends and who have proven that friendship over time.

    As far as giving a **** about what some turd thinks of me? I quit caring a very long time ago.
  14. Time to move on the the tried & true "not caring what other people think". You cannot control other people, what they think or what they perceive. And 96.814% of the time you can't change other people's minds, not matter what you do or say.

    So......just ignore other people unless forced to deal with them. Let your life be yours, and let other people sail past without concern.
  15. In my opinion,...I think WE all should just look around and admit that we all really are in one way or another.
    If we’re honest with ourselves at one point or another everybody has thought to themselves or others something with a racial connotation, no matter what color you are.
    Admit that we’re all human and nobody is perfect.
    Then try to be the best us that we can be.
    Let the law do its job, and the voting mechanism.
    Go to frigging work.
    Wear a mask if it makes you happy, or if you’re forced by employers.
    Go back to church.
    Be proud of your country and your accomplishments.
    If you’re not see my upper rant note, figure out how to be the best you can be. It’s a free country and everyone has the same choices to make.

    I want off this ride.
  16. Apologies are as non-effective as denials.

    Washing feet however, -That’s a winner !
  17. I am racist
    I am disappoint
    I am 'Murica

    Still working on getting it right. speaking of which...

    I am racist (I can live with that)

    Cultural relativism is a biyotch at times when those cultures evolve along similar but differing paths!

    "I was born an original sinner"
    "I was born from original sin"
    "If I had a dollar bill..."

    I'm also on the record of admitting to be a notorious liar every now and then, so one never knows what the truth is or where it may be found. A product of our times. (I can live with that too)

    Embrace. Our Race. Human. (wanna sing kumbaya now? me neither)

    On the other hand, Cultures, like Tribes...? that be a different ball o wax (see above) When in Rome... and all that. Culture Clubs... Do not know lyrics to Karma Chameleon (and I can live with that three or four)
  18. IMMA RACIST AGAINST . criminals, looters low life people. regardless of skin color.
  19. The dumb ones are those that get on FB and make stupid statements or positions.
  20. I don't need to apologize for anything. Call me what you want, but I don't care. How bout that? tom. :cowboy:
  21. It has never crossed my mind to say such a thing or to apologize to any race for anything, ever.

    To repeat again: If I need to apologize to the black race for the things done by the white race, that means we are responsible for what other people do, just because we are of the same race. If we ARE responsible for what other people do, because we are of the same race, then racism is a valid, legitimate way of thinking and there is nothing to apologize for. If we are NOT responsible for what other people do, just because we are of the same race, then I don't owe anybody an apology.
  22. They know all about me and the evil in my heart by the color of my skin.
    But there's no way I could know what's in their heart, mind or experiences.

  23. :animlol:,or maybe :nutcheck:...
  24. A racist these days is anyone who is not a Liberal. Then you're not only a racist but you're guilty of thought crime.
  25. I know what I know about myself, what others think doesn't mean a jot to me
  26. amen to that brotha....fire with fire......
  27. those accusing me of being a racist are more racist than i'll ever be.... but they are pushing me there...
  28. The word "racist" has been thrown about so much over the last 10-20 years, it has lost all significance.

    I DON'T CARE what that kind of person thinks of me.
  29. Yep, I've got friends on here of every ethnic group and if anyone believes I'm a racist, so be it. YMMV. tom. :dunno:
  30. Why does it matter if someone calls you a racist when you know you are not. No need to explain yourself, their mind is already made up!
  31. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I wonder what he would have said if he knew that what was actually going to come is that his four little children (by which he meant all black people) now are exempt from even being judged by the content of their character, because of the color of their skin.

    Skin color shouldn't be a shield against personal responsibility for any person.

    ...... It's not racist to say that, is it?
  32. I'd guess it depends who is saying it, and to whom it's being said ... and who hears it (albeit without intent for them to hear it) and wants to take offense.

    But you knew that. ;)
  33. I think the confusion is "hate". Nothing wrong with having preferences. I like Chevy trucks and you like Ford trucks. We agree to disagree.

    But I won't vandalism Ford dealerships. I won't run Fords off the road. "Hate" is the issue and if you "hate" you need a 12 step program.
  34. Did you said it in a well meaning way. Or as part of "hate" speak? Like I always say;
    Small minds discuss persons.
    Average minds discuss events.
    Great minds discuss ideas.
  35. Won't it be sad but fitting when all the ones that called people out and saying how bad they are turn to stone.

    we will have one heck of a pile of statues to dump off in the Grand Canyon.I miss the days in the early sixties was a usher at that show over to the left the State&Lake, across from the Chicago.

    good times.
    nobody gave 2 cents what color as long as you worked and showed up.

    1968 came around that changed quick.. Marines Don't fail me now!

  36. How'd you know I was a Ford guy?

  37. Never been accused. I'd have to question the person's motive or misperception of what I've done or said. I'm for equal rights and not special rights so I'm sure there are people who would categorize me as such.
  38. I no longer care what anyone else thinks.....,
  39. I don't need to prove j/s to anyone, nor apologize for what/who I am.
  40. Well, I guess 3 out of 4 isn't too bad. :dunno:
  41. All an excuse to avoid any type of personal responsibility.

    Most of the people shouting it know deep down inside that it's what they really are, and to feel better about themselves they insist that everyone else must be the same or worse.
  42. Giving special rights, money, and opportunities to people just because of their race is racist.
  43. I am past the point of caring what others think. If you require me to virtue signal to be up to your par, i will shake the dust from my shoes at you, about face and depart.

    I have known SJW types. I find them to be fairly worthless as human beings. They are much different from liberals of previous generations.

    I have zero ****s to give anymore...
  44. Well said. Worth repeating.
  45. I'm not prejudiced. I hate everyone equally. :D
  46. white guilt2.jpg