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Savage Arms 24 O/U rifle shotgun combos

  1. Does anyone know if Savage still makes these O/U combo guns? Or any other companies who do?

    Looking for a .223/20ga. combo or something similar.

  2. I don't believe Savage makes the 24 anymore. It's not on their website, so if they do, they don't have it cataloged.

    Valmet made the 412 combination gun, and it's similar to the 24. I don't know if it's still made.

    Krieghoff makes one, but you might have to get a second mortgage on your house to buy it.

    ETA: Probably any German or Austrian gun maker would likely make you one, but again, they're really, really expensive. Johann Fanzoj has piqued my interest in the past, but I can only afford to look at pictures on his website. http://www.fanzoj.com/en/home/index.html

    ETA: I have no idea how much this costs...I only know I want one.
  3. I don't know if they still make them, but mine (a.22/20ga) is awesome. Can't wait till my grandson is old enough to hunt, because it is perfect for a kid if my son can find some acreage later (he just bought a house).
  4. I've got a pre-1965 .410/.22LR Savage 24. Fun little gun to shoot.
  5. Mine is a .22mag over 3" 20ga Mod 24 DL-J from the early 70's. It has a satin reviever with fox/grouse, gold trigger, and blue barrels. It was my camper gun in our motor home. Not shot a lot, but 75,000mi on it. I'm thinking about selling it at the prices that they are bringing now.
  6. Just went to Gander Mountain to look around and they actually had a Savage 24F in 17 Hornady/12ga. but that isn't the combo I want and it was $699 used.


    I have heard of the Baikal O/U but haven't seen any in person. Thanks for the feedback.