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Savage 11/111 DOA Hunter XP

  1. CDNN has this deal running, and with the $100 rebate I’m struggling to pass this up. I’ve been looking for a basic 30-06 with a synthetic stock. Was thinking stainless, but for the way I hunt I don’t really need it, and for $300 with a basic scope and an Accutrigger this might be a winner. I know a few people who have this rifle and really like it. What say you, Glocktalkers? Anyone out there have this rifle and care to comment? I don’t need fancy, I need functional.

  2. If you want it buy it. Just remember that you are buying a budget rifle. I’m not much for Savage rifles but that’s just me. It may shoot decent and will kill deer.
  3. For functional and not fancy, that's a really good deal.
  4. Yes, I know what you mean. But for $300 with a functional scope...I’ve killed critters with lesser guns. My thinking is a basic big-game rifle that will let me bide my time and save up for a nicer rifle down the road. I usually use a 30-30 lever action for my deer, but I hate taking longer shots with it, even with the good ammo.
  5. Buy it. I like Savage 110 based rifles, which this is.

    Here is my Savage .30-06, pics taken last week. As usual, one shot shopping :)


  6. Buy it. Good shooting rifles and you can always dress it up some if you want later.
  7. My dad likes his Savage. Nice work on the whitetail. One & Done is how we like to do it where I’m from!
  8. I still have a soft spot for my old 30-30 Marlins. They work very well for 100yds & under. From a price standpoint it’ll be hard to beat the Savage combo.
  9. If you reload and make it a 2 shot gun only, the 30-30 can be lethal much farther than 100 yarfs.

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  10. I saw a 1 shot kill on a white tail @ 350 yds with a Marlin 30-30 & green box Remmy ammo. The man that did it knew his Marlin very well. Better than I ever will. Edit. Though a certain amount of luck was in that shot the man knew his rifle
  11. Usually where I deer hunt, it’s 150 yards max for shots. But I’ve been thinking about some new territory closer to home that’s more open with the potential for longer shots. Plus I want the option for a black bear rifle. With proper loads, a 30-06 can handle just about anything I need to down.
  12. Savage rifles, especially their cheaper models, are good to great on the accuracy scale.
  13. I could never justify in my mind spending the money a really, really nice rifle commands. I would love a Howa or Tikka, especially one chambered in 7x57mm, coupled with a high end scope.

    My late BIL spent the money on a Blaser, that with the Leupold scope ran him more than I've paid for a lot of cars and was within 5 grand of what I paid for my first piece of property.

    He never shot it, other than at the range, instead took a Mauser he paid 75 bucks for on the majority of his hog and deer hunts. It got dropped in the river once, when the jonboat overturned, was used and abused, and had taken more wildlife than anything else he shot, because he never worried about a little hard use or tough terrain.

    We do a lot of swamp hunting here, and your gear is all going to get muddy, or wet.

    After he passed, I bought it for the same 75 bucks he paid, and while I'm not a big hunter, would never shy away from using it. I had it recrowned about 5 years ago, as I could never get it to group better than 6 inches at 300 yards, after it was recrowned is a one MOA rifle. Not bad for a 100 year old gun.

    Back to the Savage. I have seven, ranging from 17 HMR to .308, and think the Accutrigger is the best thing since sliced bread. For the money, is a great rifle, for a few hundred more, would STILL be a great rifle.

    One suggestion, when cleaning use a torque driver to tighten up the two screws that hold it to the stock, with some red Loctite. I set mine to 12 footpounds, and do that to maintain the freefloating barrel and not overtighten the screws, which I have been told can affect accuracy.
  14. The Winchester XPR was designed from the ground up as a "budget rifle" while the savage 11/111 uses the same action as it's more expensive rifles.

    Years ago, Remington 700's used to be the most accurate out of the box rifles. Today it's Savage. Savage's accu-trigger also helps with accuracy.

    Yes, what are you waiting for?! Go with the Savage.
  15. The 11/111 is not a budget rifle. It is Savage's main line. The Axis is their budget line.
  16. But still not that expensive for the step up rifle. The Axis II comes with the Accutrigger, as Savage realized THAT is their main draw, that you can get the exact same trigger, in the exact same adjustable weight, whether it is a 300 dollar rifle or a 1200 dollar rifle.

    And that is an exceptional price for a Model 11, normally a 600 dollar rifle.
  17. Savage, it’s not fancy but they tend to shoot well, there’s lots of upgrade options available and the triggers are pretty damn good.
  18. I have the Savage 111 in 270 win and it's a great shooting rifle.
    I just ordered the Axis in 223. I could have gotten it from Sportsman Guide for $284+transfer fees but I just got my LGS to order it. It cost me $20 more but with the $100 rebate it's still a great deal.
  19. Actually my plan is to call my LGS tomorrow and see if they can match or come close to this price and hopefully get it from them. I know they carry a lot of the 11/111s there. My last few gun purchases were online and I like to keep in the good graces of the LGS by getting a gun from them from time to time. Although since I have a CPL, they make a nice little profit from a super easy FFL transfer so I don’t feel too bad for them!
  20. This was my thinking also, I hadn't bought a gun from them in a while and $20 wasn't going to break me. Basically the only difference was the taxes anyway.
  21. CDNN has $15 flat-rate S&H and no CC fees so that keeps the cost down, but often after transfers and shipping costs, plus a cc charge, you don’t save much money online. This particular rifle would work out to $350 when it was all said and done. If the LGS can come in around there, they probably have a sale. I’ll need a sling, scope cover, and ammo too, so one way or another they’re gonna make money on this deal. Support small businesses!
  22. Howa has an amazing deal going right now. They are selling a package deal of the Gameking rifle, comes with a scope and Hogue overmold stock that sales for over $100 by itself.

    I got one in 7mm-08 shipped to my FFL from Buds for $440. I like it better than my Tikka 7mm-08, especially since you actually get a short-action from Howa instead of the “one size fits all” action that Tikka uses.

    Everyone knows the Howa 1500 is the same rifle as the Weatherby Vanguard so they are a tremendous value for under $500.
  23. Update: my LGS didn’t have the same rifle in stock so they couldn’t make me a deal. So I go to buy it on CDNN this afternoon...and the sale ended, rifle is $50 more now. I call them up, tell them my story, and they give me the weekend price of $399, and the $100 rebate is good to go. I don’t have a ton of experience with CDNN, but they took good care of me. I’ve had some buddies with good purchase experiences from them too. Very happy how things worked out.
  24. There are so many good deals for rifles going right now. Golden times for gun owners.
  25. With a decent optic that little gun will likely shoot 2moa or less.

    You can always upgrade the optic and rings later.
  26. Buy it I had a 111 .270 and killed a pile of deer with it. They ain’t pretty but they shoot damn good. I’m actually going to buy a new .223 and 308 soon.
  27. Edited to say Congrats
  28. I hope to not have to upgrade the optics or put any more money into this rifle, aside from a sling. I’m expecting this to be a functional hunting rifle and it’s gonna get used. I’ve put down a few white tails with Bushnell scopes before, so assuming everything functions as it should I should be golden!

    I’ve got a few nicer hunting rifles, but not a 30-06, and none I can beat up without major concern. I had my eye on a Ruger American, but couldn’t pass up this deal. Even my wife agreed! I took that as a sign.
  29. And the new hammer is here. Pretty standard stuff. 8EBDF21D-D4A1-4E71-8D63-19A583960BFE.jpeg
  30. One note of criticism. The mag was a beast to get in the first few times. Seems the release latch isn’t quite right. Popping it in and out has improved it, and there was some plastic junk on the edge of both the mag side and the rifle side of the release. I did some very minimal scraping with a razor blade and took some of the junk off the edge, and I’ll probably take some 2000 grit to it to clean it up a bit more.

    For $350 to be in my hands, I’m not too upset. I’ll probably give Savage a shout and see if they might send me a new mag or something. Everything else on the rifle is good to go, screws are tight, bolt is good, trigger works nicely. Assuming it shoots fine, I’m happy.
  31. Let us know how it shoots. I am in the market for a youth sized lightweight rifle for stand and blind hunting.

    My .270 kills me dead, but the 24” barrel and full length stock is not easy to maneuver in a small pop up blind.

    I am looking at a Savage, Ruger, and Mossberg. Right now the Ruger is looking like a winner with a 18” barrel in .243