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SAS windproof smock w/contents

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Broadsword22, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Broadsword22


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    Dec 28, 2004
    Colorado Rockies
    This is a British MOD issue windproof smock size 180/112 in exellent condition no rips or tares missing buttons etc. I'd say mint condition but I have worn it in the field.
    Included with the smock but not sewn on are a new British Para insignia and a 10th Para drop zone flash. The 10th Para were dispanded so this DZ flash is one of the harder ones to track down. Here is a list of everything else included with the smock. Most of it is survival/E&E related.
    1.Camouflage scrim scarf. This has had holes cut in it. Looks like it may have been used to camo a rifle.
    2.Joint Services FFD (field dressing)
    3.Heliograph (signal mirror)
    4.Signal whistle
    5.Brunton compass
    6.Roll of cord (Not paracord)
    7.Survival tin w/ the following contents.
    BCB multitool
    18 issue puri-tabs
    salt,soup and tea mix
    NATO issue lifeboat matches
    safety pins
    surgical blade
    wire saw
    trip wire
    brass wire
    button compass
    issue fishing kit
    3 fishing flies
    large razor blade
    I'm seeing these smocks alone selling from a buck and a half to two hundred dollars so I figure $200 plus shipping to be a fair price for everything. You Brit collectors better hurry. Keep an eye out for more British stuff coming up later this evening. I have some webbing items I'm getting together to sell. Complete P58 webbing w/ P44 water bottle set and P58 compass pouch. Rigger modified roll pin belt etc.
    edited to add: I have a couple of pictures I can email to interested buyers.

    Edited again to add:
    As promised here is the P58 webbing. Complete rig set up for a British L1A1 (FAL) includes belt, yoke, kidney pouches, left and right ammunition pouches, left ammo pouch carries an L1A1 bayonet w/ scabbard, one P44 water bottle pouch w/ bottle and cup, P58 padded compass pouch,poncho roll and large pack (backpack) I'm looking for $75.00 + shipping

    Next is a set of small pouches from Arktis International. One is an FFD (field dressing) pouch the other is a compass/knife combo pouch. Both are in DPM camouflage and are in new condition.
    I'm looking for $30.00 shipped for the pair.

    Finally I have a rigger modified roll pin belt. These were usually heavy cargo straps stolen from RAF aircraft by SAS troopers and Para's and modified by the regiments riggers for use as belts to base belt kit's and full webbing sets on. This one was very nicely done and is a bit different in that it is double thickness for most of it's lenght. This makes it stiffer and able to carry the weight of your webbing without the belt "rollong over" These are rare and hard to find and I haven't seen any this nice. Looking for $75.00 shipped for it.

    I have pictures I can send to interested potential buyers/traders
    I'm also opening this to trades.
    I'm looking for reproduction German items for my collection mainly K98 pouches, SS equipment belt, bread bag, water bottle, camouflage smocks, SS insignia cap and uniform German mountain insignia etc.
    Also looking for original side pouches for a Berghaus Cyclops bergen (not PLCE)
    Or anything in Norwegian camouflage, Jager insignia etc.