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SAR-1 AK47 SW Ohio

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I picked this up in a recent trade. I know very little about Ak47s and really have no use for one. Has green furniture and come with 8 magazines total, 4-30 rounders, 4-10 rounders. I got it from the original owner, it was purchased from Ohio Rapid Fire in 2004 and has seen 200 rounds downrange. All numbers match.
Looking to get $525obo/trade

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I'm not trying to crap on your thread because your price is not bad at all for what you have for sale but I feel obligated to tell you that what you have there is not an SAR1. That is a WASR, I know this because your rifle does not have mag dimples while the SAR1 does. Your rifle was made at the same factory Cugir factory in Romania as the SAR1 and there isn't a lot of difference between the two rifles at all but there is a difference. The SAR1 is a little more rare since it wasn't imported in the same numbers as the WASR.

As I said, your price isn't unreasonable. If I lived close enough to buy it from you FTF I would.
Thank you for taking a minute to explain that, like I said, I know very little about Aks. I just assumed it was a SAR because it did not have the typical "WASR-10" stamped on the receiver.
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