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Santa Clarita school shooting...

  2. Yup....not much information yet, but am sure it will be another crap storm despite California's already strict gun laws.
  3. Hopefully they called a bunch of trained people armed with assault weapons to come protect the children.
  4. Santa Clarita is governed by (and votes for) Democrats and enjoys the protection of extreme gun laws that all but restrict Second Amendment Rights. -This IS hard to believe.
  5. Prayers for the victims. Can't believe the shooter got away.
  6. Commiefornia probably another unhinged libturd. Gun free zones make it convenient for criminals.
  7. Hate to be this cynical about it, but

    1) shooter isn't a white male, and

    2) no mention of weapon used. Could come later, but if it was one of the dreaded 'assault weapons' I expect it would already have been reported.

    Therefore, these aren't the droids they're looking for. We won't hear much about these victims' identification.
  8. Anyone notice while this impeachment thing was going balls out there wasn't one school shooting reported?

    Now that it is turning into an empty bag of nothing, here we go......

    Something had to happen to get the public eye back onto the leftist agenda.
  9. Sorry. Double Tap.....
  10. Yep, reports are shooter was an Asian. No reports of dead, just wounded. So either we won't hear much or we will hear how the gun laws worked and that is why no one died.
  11. Or maybe Trump orchestrated it to distract from the impeachment hearings.
  12. If/since the shooter got away it could be not a mass shooting but maybe a drug deal/revenge thing. Lets hope nobody was killed but it doesn't look very good.
  13. Someone mentioned yesterday about it.

    It's incredible how these happen when the Dems need a distraction.
  14. Others have mentioned this would happen in other threads over the last few days. However, yes. the impeachment hearings were a dud and here we go again.
  15. Prayers to the victims and their families.

    Seems targeted and not random. Two people critically injured and the shooter did not off himself immediately?
    Crime of passion, retaliation but unlikely the typical random shoot-em-up that sells clicks.
  16. Last I read shooter was a 15 year old and still at large.

  17. Twitter hashtags for #schoolshooting almost right away. Dems must be excited.

  18. Can't be true..

    Sanctuary citys and all that socialism. Coupled with strict anti freedom EVERYTHING..

    Good ole Cali..
  19. It's obvious that California's has not done enough to protect their citizens. More laws restricting firearms are needed now. Maybe multiple copies of the same statutes with, "I mean it now! ", and the next copy with, "Really, guys, I really mean it this time! "

    That might get the criminal's attention and his compliance.
  20. Shooter down. Self inflicted.
  21. Hope he is down AND OUT.
  22. Alive, being treated at hospital. Haven't seen reported how serious.
  23. Meanwhile, I wonder how many were shot today in the gun free zone that is Chicago......
  24. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the suspected shooter was "in custody and being treated at a local hospital.
  25. Has to be fake news because Barry told is that this stuff only happens in America. He wouldn't lie or make it up would he?.........
  26. I never used to think that any of the shootings were orchestrated or related to other government events. But I’m not so sure anymore.
  27. Kinda like the recent shooting at a party in Texas.
  28. The shooter who is now dead
  29. The shooter, fifteen year old, is in custody.
    Six people injured initially, one family's daughter is now dead. Two peoples sons' are in critical condition.

    Regardless of political opinions, this tragedy is not a joke!
  30. I have not found anything to back the shooter being dead. Sheriff advised that the shooter was in custody and being treated at a local hospital. Only bodycount mentions one female down.
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  32. It's not a joke. The liberal response & proposed solution to these incidents always is though.

    How many gun laws did this 15 year old shooter break to commit this crime? And what's gonna fix this societal disease? More gun laws of course.
  33. Repeating this same comment every time is in poor taste and disrespectful to those who have just been shot or killed at the hands of another crazy****
  34. This was a funny post, 10 years ago. Now it’s just tired.

    It’s time to update your material
  35. Hence their (the left's) end game of total civilian disarmament.
  36. Doesn't Gamergirl live in that area? I remember once she was talking about living close to six flags. Hope she doesn't have any kids in that school.
  37. I hear they arrested THE GUN. Any idea which manufacturer needs to lawyer up?
  38. 2nd death. Sad.
  39. .45 cal handgun
  40. Shooters father passed 2 years ago and I guess tiger mom thought it would be ok for the son to have access to his guns [emoji2373][emoji2359]
    Some terrible **** all around.
  41. Dont think he was trying to be funny. His points are right on the money.
  42. Relax Francis. Its merely a commentary about the absurdity of liberal gun control polucy.
  43. The shooter, who was found in a quad with a gunshot wound, had initially been mistaken for a victim, according to Capt. Kent Wegener with the sheriff’s homicide division.

    “The suspect was later identified as one of the victims found in the quad,” he said during a mid-day press conference.

    A .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol with no bullets remaining was found at the scene, the investigator said.

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  46. 6+1 Glock 36 is probably not what the anti gun crowd and media was hoping for to further drive the disarmament agenda.
  47. deleted wrong thread
  48. Every time these things happen, it's important we point out how absurd and hypocritical leftist policies are.