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Sandy Hook Chorus to Sing at Super Bowl

  1. http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/...-to-Sing-America-The-Beautiful-189116711.html

    Good for the kids. But it's pretty obvious, this isn't really about the kids. Blatant, thinly veiled 'special message' built-in here, and expect explosive media coverage of the righteous indignation the minute anyone points it out. That's the hook, i.e. the real reason they're doing this ... and they can't wait for the fish to bite.
  2. The Ministry of Propaganda is doing an excellent job.
  3. They will, no doubt, receive a standing ovation from the crowd...perhaps deservedly so...which the media will most surely start pushing as proof of the American people's wish for more gun-control. "Ministry of Propaganda" indeed......
  4. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw the title.
  5. Wonder if Republicans will ever come up with a brilliant stunt like this to push their agenda?
  6. The agenda is what you make it. When you're watching the game in a house full of friends and when the kids are done singing, announce how it's a shame the shooter was so successful because no one present was armed to repel him.

    Don't take this BS laying down, people.
  7. The gun debate is probably part of the reason for those kids being there.

    But assuredly, making money is the real point to what is being done.

    Funny, I remember when exploiting children for money wasn't accepted.

    **** the Super Bowl, I won't watch it.
  8. Wont be watching the game time for a boycott!
  9. This really, really pisses me off.

    Taking traumatzed children that just a few months ago survived a murder spree, had to listen to their fellow classmates being murdered, and quite possibly saw a vision of gorey horror that will **** with their heads the rest of their lives.

    And those miserable pieces of **** running the Super Bowl are going to stand them up on national TV and exploit them for money and political agenda.

    Seriously....this deserves a boycott. This deserves a total and complete boycott. I may stop watching the NFL all together.
  10. I hear Bob Costas is going to do a solo. :upeyes:
  11. Wonder what they will be singing?
  12. I quit watching the national felon league twenty yrs. ago.
    Michael vick personally guatanteed my never return.
    My family has season tickets so good you can actually smell the cheer leaders.... But I am done with the NFL.

    This stunt with the kids is waaaayy loony.
    Enjoy the game.. the lakes and snowmobile trails will be all mine sunday...
  13. I gotsta-know - what do cheerleaders smell like?
  14. LOL! First question popped into my mind. Good, bad, or indifferent I'd love the chance to find out first hand.
  15. These kids are being used and manipulated in the most base manner by people who understand that and have no compunction about it at all. I think it's sad that the parents can't see it that their children are being made party to something so crass.

    As others have said (and it may be too graphic for some), this is just another episode of dancing in the blood of the victims.
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  17. This has nothing to do with singing and everything to do with keeping the issue alive until democrats can compete the gun and magazine grab.

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  18. Somewhere in the deepest, darkest corner of HELL, Joseph Goebbels is smiling.
  19. This Shady hook spectacle is a freak show to say the least. It's garnered celebrity status. People want to hear every little detail and see results to make themselves feel better. Society is so blind to the truth. This is absolute mind control.

    Please, boycott not only the NFL but television alltoghther. I'm so sick of seeing my fellow countrymen being completly duped and leading a life based on false information. Humans are so amazing, yet we are programmable and adaptable. We've adapted to a world of falsified realities. I wish I could articulate what I know at a gut level is happening.

    It's manly to know football, instead of garnering knowledge on science, art or history. It's not socially acceptable to be smart, or have a genuine love of learning. People's minds have been completely wasted on knowing football stats, or learning about every aspect of an athletes career.

    C'mon people, we are better than that. We are humans! Don't let them teach you that we are scum. We are beautiful, amazing creatures hurtling through space on a planet thriving with life and mystery. Our bodies alone, the ecosystem, music, it's all so amazing. We are all so lucky to be beautiful human creatures. It's time for us to uplift the race of humans. I'm sick of seeing us being degraded, propogandized,conditioned and dehuminized.