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SAN FRANSICKO: public urination A - ok

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sa...public-urination-other-quality-of-life-crimes

    San Francisco's newly elected district attorney has promised not to prosecute public urination and other quality-of-life crimes that have plagued the lucrative Bay Area amid a crippling homelessness crisis affecting urban communities across California.

    In response to an American Civil Liberties Union questionnaire reported by The San Francisco Chronicle last month, Chesa Boudin said such crimes should not be prosecuted.

    "We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes," he said. "Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted. Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted; we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness.”

  2. there's your modern every day liberal city in america
  3. So hookers are A-OK too??
  4. Excellent example of a “progressive” city environment. I lived out west when San Francisco, for the most part, was still a beautiful city.

    Very sad.
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  7. So, will the incidence of public urination increase, decrease or stay the same? The real answer is astoundingly simple, but leftists would be hesitant to answer that.
  8. Strange New World of Mirrored and Opposite Existence.....

    We want to elect Presidents based upon their desire to erase free and open markets and replace them with Socialism and we elect District Attorneys based upon the crimes they WON'T prosecute.

    This is why we send "intelligent" and "educated" people to our capital and state houses? It must be true, what they say......."It takes a lot of thought to be THIS stupid."
  9. He may not be DA for long. Median rent is $3,700 a month for a one bedroom. Median home price $1.3 million. Median household income 110k. Keep in mind there are lots of poor people in town on section 8 or living on the street.

    I worked for a place with a similar dynamic. When people pay that kind of money for a house they expect reasonably clean streets and sidewalks. They expect to go to work unharrassed. They may put up with it near or at work because that is big city life but at home they want it nice, safe, and clean. You can see that on the poop heat map. If that poop heat map gets worse in the residential neighborhoods expect to hear lots of noise.

    The homeless who are together enough rotate between SF, Oakland/Berkeley, and my old city depending on who is cracking down on homeless issues.
  10. How to solve a problem:
    Tell people, "That's not a problem".
    Problem solved.
  11. A liberal guy I work with recently visited San Francisco and the Pacific Coast for a vacation. He previously loved San Francisco and always enjoyed his trips there. After this last trip, he said he'll never visit again.
  12. Leftist third world crap hole.
  13. Anything is ok!
  14. In war they talk about "rivers of blood." In San Francisco they have the 'yellow river' like China. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!! I am triggered.
  15. In war they talk about "rivers of blood." In San Francisco they have the 'yellow river' like China. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!! I am triggered.
  16. In war they talk about "rivers of blood." In San Francisco they have the 'yellow river' like China. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!! I am triggered.
  17. Make sure you've had your typhoid booster... o_O

  18. Not a problem. That's covered in Warren's Medicare-for-all plan.
  19. The wife and I used to visit 3 or 4 times a year, haven't been in at least 2 years, maybe 3. Almost as bad as the homeless problem is the techie problem. As a techie, it pains me a little to say it, but they've ruined that city. I'd sooner flip burgers here in Nevada than move to San Francisco or Silicon Valley for a tech job.
  20. Tech finally coming to SF just blew things up. Not only there but over in Oakland. Oakland is gentrifying big time. My cousin and her husband are in tech, at director level, and they are priced out of Oakland. People are beating them out by a few hundred thousand on cash offers. And these are the people priced out of SF.
  21. From an instructor at UC Berkley (right across the bay)...

    So, I guess it's a good life decision living in a city where pooping and peeing in the street is accepted.
  22. Dem answer to poo piles: allow public urination to wash it into the sewer. And it didn't cost taxpayers a dime.
  23. Even the Soviets were not so stupid as to allow people to crap and pee and do all the other stupid crap that the Dems are doing. They manipulated and forced their will the old fashioned way; kill your enemies directly. We are just stupid. Somebody should walk into that guys office and crap and pee on him. LOL.
  24. Crazy stuff right there. San Fran is regressing to the days of old before sanitation and flush toilets.

    Isn't this a violation of EPA rules and regs? All that stuff is going to eventually wash into rivers and the ocean.

  25. Where the **** does she think her vegan, gluten free food is made? In the back of the Safeway?
  26. Nope, they gave mine to a guy named Jose.
  27. There are certain places I refuse to go to. city's that are run by LIBS is 1 of them. I will not donate any of my money to thrm.
  28. Dude might want to look into from where his food comes. Dude might also not want to venture out where there aren't any sidewalks. Bocephus has a song for his kind.

    <--- just moved back to the country after 33 years of city life. **** the city. I live on 46 acres at the end of a dead end road. When the cities burn, me and mine will be just fine.
  29. No surprise. His mommy and daddy were infamous criminals responsible for the murder of two cops and robbery of a Brinks truck. Then he was raised by Weather Underground scumbag and murderer Bill Ayers .

    It comes as no surprise he wants to increase lawlessness in a city drowning in crime, poverty and homelessness.

    It's shameful what's happening to that once beautiful city.
  30. San Francisco is a **** hole. I see nothing wrong with public urination ... what's a guy to do? The Dummocrat liars need this class of citizen to vote (multiple times for pay) for them.
  31. Piss on it.

  32. Democrats de-civilize. It's what they do.
  33. What if some pos just whips it out in front of a child? Still ok?
    I cant imagine, for example. a high class restaurant. $100 a plate and some maggot can just piss on the sidewalk within sight of patrons
  34. You just described Restaurant Gary Danko.
  35. When I was a landscaper we pissed in the street all day long. We just cracked the truck door used it for cover. It’s not as if there are public restrooms in neighborhoods, nor are homeowners likely to invite a bunch of sweaty, dirty white trash into their posh homes. It all goes down the drain eventually.
  36. Straight from the "stray thoughts dept." It must be nice to open your windows on a warm Spring day and take a deep breath of the wonderful Bay breeze, the blooming flowers and well, you know, the feces and stuff.

    Gosh, wish I still lived out there...
  37. The Mexican heroin/Chinese fentynal connections is strong in CA. Nothing like letting them get high and then living off the land, either stealing your stuff or robbing you, and then taking a crap in your backyard while your kids are watching. Its all good in CA. right?

    I never believed in The War on Drugs and thought it was just a cliche for running around with out heads up our rumps. It was all about money and meaningless statistics, most of them, so people could make careers and it resulted in a lot of dead/wounded Police brothers and sisters and for what? For San Francisco 2019? Even Doctors got in the act pumping out pills for every little ache cause they were getting greased by Big Pharma. Or the huge substance abuse Industry.

    And this pandemic is whats fueling crap holes like San Francisco. These zombies don't want to be cold when shooting fentynal Laced junk in between gulps of free methadone. Add in a big dose of Liberalism and you have a whole lot of junkies that just don't want to leave. Even I'm surprised at the high quality junk being sold for a pittance on the street. Fentynal is so cheap to make, much cheaper then Heroin which itself is cheap, were being flooded with this crap across every community.

    Ive worked 'hoods where "H" IS the "Industry". Where drugs are the ONLY employer. And we can't build enough Jails to house the ones selling let alone using and its even more dangerous for the cops cause they dont respect the uniform anymore.

    Thats why the cities of sunny CA. have their tent cities, as with everywhere else.
  38. Poop! There it is!