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San Francisco Mayor announces new limits on the police force

  1. Additional reforms will focus on eliminating the need for police to be first responders for non-criminal situations and changing hiring, promotional, training, and disciplinary systems

    San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed today announced her vision to fundamentally change the nature of policing in San Francisco and issued a set of policies to address structural inequities. She proposed four priorities to achieve this vision: ending the use of police in response to non-criminal activity; addressing police bias and strengthening accountability; demilitarizing the police; and promoting economic justice. These policies build on the City’s ongoing work to meet the standards contained in President Obama’s 2015 Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

    “San Francisco has made progress reforming our police department, but we know that we still have significant work to do,” said Mayor Breed. “We know that a lack of equity in our society overall leads to a lot of the problems that police are being asked to solve. We are going to keep pushing for additional reforms and continue to find ways to reinvest in communities that have historically been underserved and harmed by systemic racism.”

    “The initiatives Mayor Breed is announcing today are consistent with our department’s commitment to the Collaborative Reform Initiative and our aspiration to make the San Francisco Police Department a national model in 21st Century policing,” said San Francisco Chief of Police Bill Scott. “We understand that it’s necessary for law enforcement to listen to the African American community and embrace courageous changes to address disparate policing practices, and we recognize it will take sacrifice on our part to fulfill the promise of reform.”

    This reform effort will focus on reducing the need for police to be first responders for non-criminal situations, and changing the Police Department’s hiring, promotional, training, and disciplinary systems to better reflect that the department’s fundamental mission to protect and defend all life. It will also focus on demilitarizing the police and redirecting funding to invest in marginalized communities. These reforms will be implemented on an ongoing basis, with some changes going into effect immediately.

    These four priorities build on San Francisco’s ongoing police reforms, including efforts to limit use of force and require independent investigations. San Francisco has already implemented several best practices that have been shown to reduce police violence including banning chokeholds and strangleholds, requiring de-escalation, requiring a warning before shooting, and exhausting all other means before shooting. Additionally, San Francisco requires officers to intervene in cases of excessive use of force, bans shooting at moving vehicles, requires officers to use the minimum amount of force necessary when force is used, and requires comprehensive reporting.

    Demilitarize Police

    Mayor Breed has directed San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to establish an explicit policy barring the use of military-grade weapons against unarmed civilians. This includes, but is not limited to, chemical weapons such as tear gas, bayonets, and tanks. This plan will call on SFPD to inventory and plan how to divest the Department of any such weapons currently in their possession by the end of 2021, and to create safeguards to disconnect the SFPD from federal grants for weapons of attack used against the community.

    End Use of Police as a Response to Non-Criminal Activity

    In order to limit unnecessary confrontation between the SFPD and the community, San Francisco will work to divert non-violent calls for service away from SFPD to non-law enforcement agencies. Over the next year, the City will develop a systematic response plan to improve direct connection to community-based or City service providers, such as the CAHOOTS model of crisis response or the Homeless Outreach Team or Street Medicine behavioral health professionals. This plan will also reduce the need for armed police interventions in our schools.

    Address Police Bias and Strengthen Accountability

    To reduce the persistence of police bias, the Mayor has directed the Department of Human Resources, Department of Police Accountability, and SFPD to identify and screen for indicators of bias, improve training systems, improve data sharing across Departments, and strengthen the SFPD’s Early Intervention System for use of force violations.

    Starting immediately, the Department of Human Resources will audit all SFPD and San Francisco Sheriff hiring and promotional exams to incorporate state-of-the-art testing for bias and potential for abuse of force. Moving forward, the SFPD and Police Commission will also strengthen the affirmative duty to act policy and tie any violation to transparent disciplinary action.

    The Mayor has also directed the Department of Police Accountability to expand their focus beyond individual instances of misconduct, using the Department’s chartered authority to evaluate patterns and practice of bias within the SFPD.

    Redirect Funding for Racial Equity

    Mayor Breed has announced that divestments from law enforcement will support intentional investment of funds in programs and organizations that serve communities that have been systematically harmed by past City policies.

  2. San Francisco will be one of the first major cities to fall to the anarchists. I'm glad I visited before this all came to pass, as it was once a beautiful city. No more.
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  4. "In order to limit unnecessary confrontation between the SFPD and the community, San Francisco will work to divert non-violent calls for service away from SFPD to non-law enforcement agencies."

    Why does every contact with the police need to be a "confrontation?" I have a flat and a cop pulls up, throws on the flashers to make sure I'm ok....not a confrontation.

    My thankfully dead MIL's old landlord threatened us with phone calls, letters, etc for years. A officer responded several times when "Jim" said he was going to break into my home and rape my wife over a never proven $800 debt. Officers took a report each time to create a history so if this ahole ever did something I could show it....not a confrontation.

    And lets look at this from the police side of the coin...I ONLY respond to violent calls? Talk about burning out.
  5. Doesn’t this city have rampant problems with people bashing in car windows and stealing whatever they can get their hands on.
    The DA won’t prosecute so the police don’t even try. Can’t imagine what’s going to happen in SF’s future.
    I bet it’ll be like Camden NJ, where they get rid of their police department and crime magically dropped 79%. If you have no one to call who do you report it to? The tooth fairy?
  6. "Mayor Breed has directed San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to establish an explicit policy barring the use of military-grade weapons against unarmed civilians. This includes, but is not limited to, chemical weapons such as tear gas, bayonets, and tanks."

    Why do the "demilitarization" loons always mention bayonets? Has there ever been a police department in the United States that issued bayonets as standard equipment for use against the populace? The only time that I've ever seen a "police bayonet" is on ceremonial rifles used by Honor Guards.
  7. The mayor understands her constituents, a great many want no legal constraints on their behavior. And then you have the hard core Socialist anarchists that just want to see the world burn.
  8. Don't send a LEO to a domestic, send a counselor, hilarity guaranteed.
  9. These *Democrat* run and controlled cities across the nation will become even more drug and crime infested **** holes than they already are. Black on black murder rates will sky rocket higher than they already are. It will be like the Wild West all over again.
    This is undebatable. They haven’t seen real ugly yet, but it *is* coming.

    Vote Trump and Republican in November to stop the insanity and to MAGA !!!!
  10. ^
    sum's up san fan to a T
  11. They do. Luggage outside restaurants near the airport are a particular target. Rental cars are getting broken into at a very high rate. Locals take their backpacks and briefcases into restaurants now to keep them from being stolen.
  12. This is done on purpose. The Dems are preparing for the November elections. If Trump wins, they will call for major looting and uprising and will try to oust Trump by force. There is already a Civil War going on in the country since Trump election. The Dems first declared the war on the country by organizing the LV shooting.
  13. I suspect the police will be first in line to support the one about not sending the police to non-criminal activity.

    The police have been the public service catch-all for a century or more. WTF do the police care if your neighbor's dog is barking or your mentally ill kid won't take his medicine, or you just wrecked your car. Those are things we decided to throw on the police because they were handy and had cars and radios. No different than how we get the fire department to look for lost kids. Send the police to reports of crime and hire somebody else to handle the other stuff.
  14. Yep, if I were still on the job I would be cheering them on.

    I can't remember how many times I was working real criminal cases but couldn't get done what I needed to do to clear them because I was constantly having to break off and go to some BS call that had nothing to do with crime.

    Next up, cut the lazy boy recliners from the fire dept. Budget!!

    Of course we all know the ultimate goal here, the dems know that outright eliminating the police depts. Isn't going to sell. So they will settle for downsizing for now. Their pitch will be, well now that cops are not being sent to all these other calls we don't need as many.

    Which will only work as long as they can keep the exploding crime stats hidden.
  15. Jeez, they are going to ban police using bayonets???

    Cops will be resigning in droves to protest this!!!

    I worked for an underfunded under equipped dept. That didn't provide bayonets.so the only one I ever saw on duty was the one the EDP tried to kill me with.

    Why won't they ban EDP'S from having bayonets?

    OH wait I Know, EDP'S are the Democratic party's base!
  16. This will lead to the removal of firearms from that Dept, under the guise of "De-militarization"...And there is precedence for this, as SF's City College Police are unarmed, yet are full powered Police Officers.
  17. SF government can't even manage to get s&!t and hypodermics off of their sidewalks and they think they can pull this off? Popcorn's going.
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  19. This, this, soooooo this.
  20. Will all of the Dirty Harry movies be banned on HBO Max, too?
  21. ".....chemical weapons such as tear gas, bayonets, and tanks." Does this mean the city will ban the officers from carrying OC spray? Other people have already commented about the "widespread" issue and usage of bayonets by the police. What about tanks? When I think of a tank, I think of a tracked vehicle, that is equiped with weapons, ie, the Abrams battle tank. Does any police dept in the US, have a tank? Are they going to ban armored vehicles, such as the Bearcat or the MRAP? If so, I hope that they go after Brinks, etc, and make them stop using offensive armored trucks. I mean, if you can't have an armored truck to protect people, then civilians don't need "weapons of war" to protect property!
    Our local sheriff's dept has a MRAP. This is a small, rural agency that serves over 850 square miles. No way that the county could afford to buy an MRAP. Not only has the "weapon of war" been called on barricaded subjects, but they have also used it to respond for high water rescues and post-tornado response.
    After the earthquakes of 1906 and 1989, you would think that having vehicles that are able to transverse almost anywhere would be a good thing. But, they are scary looking, "weapons of war", and we don't need any more hurt feelings.
  22. Everyone sing,

    If you're going to San fransisco,
    Be aware, of the feces and syringes everywhere,
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    You will meet homeless drug addicts there,
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    Enjoy the armed antifa take over there
  23. They need to bring back Frank Jordan as mayor and Earl Sanders as police chief.
  24. Again, we aren’t legislators so we are charged with enforcing laws charged to us. We are THE scapegoat in ALL of this since those laws are the will of government.

    To make us even look worse, they order us to stand down and not enforce the laws which puts a GREAT amount of negative press toward us!!!

    As others have said, this IS the civil war that is going on, and we all haven’t realized it yet! Disgustingly sad our children, grandchildren and on are going to REALLY pay the price. Voting a certain way is only slowing the inevitable since this is sadly a one-sided fight.
  25. Let it burn
  26. Will they be having a yard sale on their now “forbidden” equipment? Asking for me.
  27. Here's what I actually want to watch...

    The roundtable discussion from all these academic geniuses as the draft new SOPs for:

    1. Clearing out mobs of protesters who are blocking public access or interfering with private business
    2. Bringing resolution to an armed and barricaded suspect who has hostages
    3. Detaining the aforementioned schizophrenic who's off his meds and chasing people around with a samurai sword (also, he's naked and has a giant boner)
    4. Ending a bank robbery involving several heavily armed individuals with significant amount of body armor.

    These things don't happen every day, but they happen.. I just want to see how long it takes before those chuckleheads realize that tear gas, armored vehicles, patrol rifles, and using violence against "unarmed" individuals actually has a place in modern society..
  28. I'll ship you my issued bayonet ASAP.. I'll need $50 shipping and handling, I'll need to get the FBL (federal bayonet license) dealer to sign off before I can mail it..