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    A salesman was transferred to another area. He loved to bird hunt and asked his associates if there was somewhere near by where he could hunt. One of the other salesman said there was a retired salesman who lived on a farm a few miles outside of town and, if you rented his dog, he guarantees you will get your limit.
    The next weekend, the salesman went to the farm and asked if he could rent the mans dog and hunt on his land. Sure the retired salesman said. His name is Salesman. Call him Salesman and tell him what you want to hunt I feel stupid talking to a dog, the salesman replied. Dont knock it until you try it. The man replied. The salesman took the dog out to a field and said Salesman, I want to hunt pheasant.
    The dog promptly started flushing up pheasant after pheasant until he got his limit. The salesman was impressed but sure that pheasant was all the dog was trained to hunt.
    Salesman, I want to hunt quail. He said to the dog. To his utter amazement, the dog flushed up quail after quail until he had his limit. Bringing the dog back to his owner the salesman said This is the most amazing dog I have every seen. I am coming back to rent Salesman again next weekend! The next weekend the salesman went back to the farm to rent the dog. Sorry, the dog is ruined the man said sadly.
    Why? Did someone shoot him? the salesman replied. No but Im fixin to. The man replied. Somebody came out to rent the dog and I told him like I told you. Call him Salesman and tell him what you want to hunt. Well the darned fool called him Sales Manager and now all he will do is sit on his butt and bark at the other animals all day long.