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Safety Equipment Question...

  1. I wear glasses and don't have contacts. Will I have problems at a GSSF match as far as eye protection goes? Can I just shoot in my regular glasses?
  2. Your regular glasses are fine.
  3. No one will give you flack for not wearing shooting glasses. However, I've seen a guy shred a round into the metal edge of a wooden baracade and slice up his hand and face. Get contacts and wear real shooting glasses, or wear polycarbonate Rx glasses. If you catch a ricochet in the eye you'll never shoot again.
  4. Prescription shooting glasses are also an option.
    There are a lot of shooting glasses available with a Rx insert. I had Wiley-X glasses with a Rx insert and interchangable lenses, but was not happy with the difficulty of changing the lenses. I now use Rudy Project shooting glasses with a Rx insert. I highly recommend them. They are not cheap, but how much is your vision worth?


    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, nor do I receive reimbursement from Rudy Project in any form whatsoever.

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