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Safe Queen since forever...

  1. Safe Queen since forever... Reasons Why? This thread is not about some rare super expensive collectors firearms. Rather, I'm taking about ordinary but common favorite weapons.
  2. I don’t know, retrieved a G-26 that had sat in one a long time.
    Safe princess I guess, EGH7++, likes the daylight now.
  3. Not even sure why I ever bought this Colt Frontier Scout Arizona Territory Commemorative.

    Think it has been shot, but not by me.

    Maybe I am too insecure in my sexuality to chance being seen with it at the gravel pit.
    colt frontier scout.jpg
  4. I have a gen4 23c that I can’t get myself to shoot it until I have a second as a spare. I’m weird like that.
  5. I've got a 1913 made Colt 1911 commercial model that I'll probably never shoot.
  6. [​IMG][/url]

    My Unicorn gun, rarely gets range time, but not really "collectable" or "rare".
  7. I have a youth model 870 in 20 guage that hasn't been to the range in a decade. It's waiting for my daughter. It was mine that I bought as a kid with my dad.
  8. Not sure, maybe people just don’t have time to shoot everything.
  9. I have a Weatherby Varmint master 22 250 . s# 00026. It was a gift fron someone that said it was to loud. Been in my safe about 20yrs.only out to clean.
  10. This is what happens to a Python when you leave it languishing in the safe as a Queen and dont shoot it regularly.

    Poor thing......


    Just dont be "that guy". :)
  11. 1976 Colt SP-1 that’s NIB with original gun shop stickers on the box (Potomac Arms, Alexandria VA).

    I have a few other safe-queens but I’d say the SP-1 is the most common.
  12. I would say I have 20-25 guns I haven’t shot in over 10 years and some I have never shot and they may not have been fired in 50 years. Almost all are just old shotguns and rifles. None are very valuable to my knowledge really but they came from my grandad and great grandad. 3-4 Remington single shot .22s, I have 3 youth New England single shot shotguns in 12, 20,.410. I know there are 2 double barrel shotguns and I know one is a Stevens and no idea about the other. I also have 2 Winchester 70s, Marlin .30-.30, Savage bolt action, and there is a Remington pump and auto .30-06. There could be more it’s just been forever since I have laid eyes
    or hands on any of them. Only a few could actually be called an”safe queen” as most aren’t in a safe bc there’s no room.

    I didn’t purchase a single one of those guns.

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  13. Probably my Argentine FAL I built from a brand new kit with a numbers matching receiver. I shot exactly 2 20 round mags through it and put it in the safe. I have other FALs that I shoot but this one stays in the safe.
    (It's not that I think it's too good to shoot, I just prefer shooting one without the bipod)
  14. Took this pic awhile back as a reference to what dad kept and what I had close by. The Iver was given to him by his father in law. I never paid it much mind until a thread came up about father/son firearms. He never fired it and if look close at the ammo, it wouldn't have mattered much. Surviving Iwo Jima had different affects on those that came home. I've never shot it (and never will) but it's shootable. If my safe ever gets down to one gun, it'll be the Iver...
  15. I’ve got a old Stevens single shot 410, damn thing doesn’t have a serial number that I’ve ever found. My grandpa bought it from his FIL for a couple bucks back in the late 40’s. It’s a bit rusty, I shot it once about ten years ago. I also didn’t have the case zipped up all the way leaving the range that day. Getting it out of the truck when I got home, I grabbed the barrel end. It slipped out of the case and the stock got a chunk busted out of the bottom. I couldn’t ever find the missing piece for some reason. Haven’t had it out since.
  16. I thought you was talking Glocks, I too have a 1915 model 1911 COLT US ARMY. It gets wiped down twice a year, that’s it.
  17. Tec-9, it's a stupid gun but once I bought everything I really wanted I started picking up more unique firearms.

  18. My safe queens seem to be shooters that I still really like ......but just haven't taken them out or forgotten about how much I desired them when I bought them. There is a Belgium made A5 light 12 that hasn't been shot in many years only because I shoot other shotguns.
  19. I have guns NIB, some bought used I never fired. At times a deal comes my way, can’t turn it down.

    I usually keep my rotation small enough to breed familiarity.
  20. I have a G21c i bought in 2015 that’s never been shot. I just wanted one.
  21. I have picked up quite a few guns off people that bought them new & never shot them. when I get them, they are shot. that what guns are made for.
  22. I have a 10/22 I traded a pair of Alpine 6x9 speakers for. It's been to the range twice in 25 years. I just don't shoot a lot of .22
  23. My dad has an old Stevens single shot 12 guage I've been hounding him about for years to let me have. It's from the early 1900s.
  24. Taking that anywhere near a gravel pit would just be wrong. Put it in a glass case and take out when company comes over.
  25. I do take it out when there is an old Lone Ranger show on TV...and my mask..
  26. I have a lot I don't shoot. Some I think for 20 years more or less. Biggest reason is time and sometimes a place to shoot. My range at home is pistol only so no rifle shooting there. I try to limit the guns I have with me to 15 or so. Some are for fun others for games. I try to rotate the fun ones each time Im home and have something different to shoot. Loading ammo is always a issue too so I favore RimFire.
  27. Mine are super common, but just never get shot. A Colt 1911 and a stainless SIG 232. I don't want to part with them, but they just never get taken to the range and shot. Wiped down on occasion, and put back in. Sadly, the safe is their full time home.
  28. This: 1968 Walther PPK in 7.65 Browning(.32 ACP). Not in perfect shape, but in very good shape. Box, spare mag, cleaning rod, manual. It is my personal treasure. Found it in a Pawn Shop last year, and gave $500 for it. I will never sell it, it will be willed to my Brother when I check out. Picture right after I bought it. This has always been one of my "Holy Grail" firearms.
  29. ^^ This I cant afford expensive guns so all mine have a "use" none are really all that "rare" or expensive I think the 3 most pricey guns I own are the M1 Garand, my BCM AR and a Remington Premier Sporting 1100 12ga....

    I dont really own "safe queens" but the ones ive shot the least recently have been

    The M1 Garand..im running outa ammo(bought 3 200 round boxes originally) and im down the the last box...probably have 80-100 M1 Garand rounds left..and they are not cheap to shoot as ammo is kinda specific and so far though ive kjept the empties I dont currently reload..but kept the brass to do just that someday.... so I havent shot that since last June 6th...

    My hand me down Grandfathers old .22 revolver H&R its circa 1954-57 cant remember....it is in awesome shape but its horridly inaccurate..something is off with the sights and I cant fix it so..if it would hit the broadside of the barn at 25-25 feet id probably shoot it a LOT..but it cant..so it sits...probably until I want to get it out again to see if i can figure out why its so inaccurate.

    my shotguns... I have not shot a round of skeet or trap in almost 2 years now....I need to get back out now in retirement and enjoy it..think the last time I shot a shotgun was 2018.

    I dont have/own guns id not shoot or collectors pieces just have no need for them id rather spend the $$ on other things.
  30. [​IMG]

    My Chinese prebans don't leave the safe except to be moved for access to the AKs behind them.
  31. I have a Chilean 1912-61 Steyr Mauser that I've never shot. The reason is that I haven't wanted to pay a gunsmith to verify that the Chileans did everything correctly when they re-barreled it in a transition from 7x57mm to 7.62mm NATO.

    It's increased in value over the years, but finding a local buyer interested in a 108 year old mil-surp wouldn't be easy.
  32. Browning HP MkIII

    Winchester 9422M (Mag)
    Bought a Henry Small Game Carbine in 22 mag to use as my shooter.

    They don't make either of them anymore.
    Also have a Marlin (JM) .22 LR bolt gun and a Marlin (JM) .22 Mag bolt gun I don't use anymore. Since I went lever gun, I don't shoot the bolt guns anymore.
    .22 LR
    .22 Mag

    Plus two M1 Carbines I don't really use.
  33. I haven't fired my 4.2" Colt Python, but I will get around to that one, one of these days. There's a 1966 Colt Trooper in 38 that I don't think has been fired since it left the factory. I probably won't shoot it. Smith and Wesson 19-1 that I suppose I'll get around to one of these days. A S&W AR-15 I've never fired and probably never will.

    I've owned and sold guns I never fired. No big deal to me.
  34. Sheridan Silver Streak---bought in 91 and has never been shot--still has the hang tag on the trigger guard.

    Hasn't been used mainly because my Blue Streak that my parents gave me in 71 still works just fine. Plus they don't make them anymore.
  35. If I own it it's been shot...
  36. I have a 6906 that sits in the safe. Others are more fun to shoot, I just love the look of it.
  37. DSC_7550w.jpg

    My Winchester .357 compact Trapper. Not to be confused with the Trapper Compact model that was released in 2006, the last year that Winchester made lever guns. Only difference is location of safety lever. Bought mine in '96 or'97. Went to the range a few times, for a few rounds. Then it sat for a long time. A couple more outings in the last 5 years. It's in 98% condition. I've seen a few of these in worse condition sell on GB for $900-1100. But I'll never sell it. It will go to a nephew.
  38. Just thought of another one that I will never shoot, my Colt le6920, bought brand new in box in August of 2012 (right before the Sandy Hook hoax!).

    I guess a couple others would be my Russian Makarov IJ70 and my s&W 686 "no dash"!
  39. How much you want for it?

  40. No way! lol
  41. Have several.

    First, is the Tompkins & Allen .32 RF falling block that was my Dad's. Hasn't been fired in over 70 years. Dad called this, "My old squirrel rifle." I have 5 rounds of ammo for this, in the safe.

    Second, the 'cheap' Spanish knock-off (Alpha or Alfa) of a S&W revolver in .38 Long Colt that was my Grand-Dad's.
    It hasn't been fired in at least 70 years. I have a few rounds for this, in the safe.

    A Japanese Arisaka in 7.7mm that my Dad brought home from the PTO.
    Hasn't been fired since before 09/02/1945.

    Next, a 2001 "JM" proofed 1895CB in .45-70. Never fired, since I bought it NIB in '01.
    It's still as NIB, in the safe.

    There are others that I won't bore you with. :)
  42. Guns with family histories behind them are much more interesting and special! Worth treasuring.
  43. My maternal grandfather's Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP
    (production year - 1930).

    Priceless to me...…. :)
  44. 20171214_163056.jpg

    My first 1911.
  45. About 30 SIG's, collected so many i just don't have the time to shoot!
  46. Original Polytech AK-47 (Milled, Red finish) from May 1988. In all the years I have owned it, I have fired only 40rds thru it. I have 3 other AK's that I shoot far more often.

  47. 20190701_100207.jpg
  48. I have a Sig P227 that never gets shot. Also a Sig rifle, one of those AR/AK mix guns. Don’t enjoy shooting them. They’re just kind of there
  49. I have a Norinco SKS and a Wasr 10-both in 7.62x39. I haven't had either one to the range in years.
  50. Nice!

    I got my Norinco GSAD a month before you got your Polytech! Not sure how many rounds I have through it but it's definitely not more than 500!

    The only AK better than a Chinese AK is a Russian AK!!!