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Safariland Model 79 Open Top Mag Carrier

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I am interested in picking one of these up but I can't find one listed on any of the websites for the M&P 9mm full size. I see the M&P .45 listed but nothing for the 9 and .40.

Are they not making it for the .9 and .40 yet? Does one of the other makes fit the M&P that I could order that one?

Does anyone have an experience using this horizontal? It states it accomodates both vertical and horizontal carry.

Thanks for your help.
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I use the open top double for my 17. I love it. Be advised though, the doubles can only be worn in the vertical position ( at least this is the way it used to be). They are so slim that a horizontal slot will not fit on the back. The triples can be worn horizontal.

I have been told that the ones for the 9mm and .40 Sigma will fit the M&P 's in those calibers. However, i cant confirm that.
I have an STX version of the safariland open top mag pouch. When I first got it G17 and G19 mags slid out with not much shaking, even with the tension screw tightened to the max. I ended up taking out the tension screw and adding a quarter sized piece of kydex to the rear of the mag pouch, then tightening up the screw through the kydex. It 'pulls' more material in and keeps the mags from falling out when active. It sucks that safariland in all their infinite wisdom couldn't figure that out and save me the trouble of making their poor design better. I do like them overall, but it's the little things in life that matter.
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