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Safariland 7378 7TS for Glock 17

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I was wondering if anyone else is using this holster for outside the waistband edc. I use it mainly for winter carry when I carry at the 3 o'clock position. My gun seems to rattle in the holster and I was wondering if anyone had a remedy for this? I've read the owners manual and there is no mention of a tension adjustment. There is however an allen wrench taped to the manual. I will call Safariland customer service but I was wondering if anyone had any hands on experience with this holster.
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I have several 637x ALS holsters, and most but not all have a tension adjustment.

I only have a single 7TS, but it may not be typical since it’s one of the slimline 7371s for a G43 - it doesn’t have a tension adjustment that I can see, where it would be on a 637x (under the dust cover) is a solid molding.

Based on my sample of one, I’m thinking the 7TS holsters may not have an adjustment for tension.
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