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S&w sd40

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Club' started by BrokenArrow, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. BrokenArrow

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    Aug 11, 1999
    Lost In Space

    Looks like a hybrid M&P/Sigma SW40VE w some new parts too. Slide, trigger, and sear look new/M&P. Sights are M&P (front w tritium). Mag body looks like a Sigma w different follower and base plate. Frame looks like a Sigma but w a standard rail new grip. Surefire X200 fit like a glove, easy on/off, worked fine w it on. Checking w several instructors and ranges who do Q for CCW here, Sigmas have been working just fine for yrs now, as has the M&P. Still, there is the "Sigma Stigma" to buck?

    I've been shooting an SD40 for a few days and I like it. No problems at all so far w several hundred rounds of Win 180 USA FMJ and PDX1 JHP ammo through it. The SDT (self defense trigger) has been no problem at all for me. Feels like a heavier M&P, not a lighter Sigma. 4 in bbl, 14 rnd mag, 7x5.5, 22.7 oz, fit in an M&P holster. Local retail is about $180 less than M&P, about $100 less than Glock, $50 more than the Sigma. As far as looks and feel, I like it better than the others.

    Aimed at SD market, not LE (no adjustable grip/ambi controls), but I ran some drills w this and the usual suspects anyway (G23, P2000LEM, P229DAK, M&P40) and actually liked this the best of the bunch!?

    Am I saying it's as good as the others? No. I am saying it's as good for me. If I was issued this, wouldn't complain at all. Sometimes it's nifty not to be as good/picky as the rest of ya! :supergrin:
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    Sep 26, 2004
    They do look like a blend of the two.