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S&W Rebound Spring Tool

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For those of you who have dared to open up your Smith and Wesson revolver, you are probably aware that the rebound spring removal/replacement can be a pain. Taking the advice of a friend, I purchased a Brownell Tool to make things easier, but was frustrated when the tool didn't fit and broke when I tried to spread the "fork." I have since found a much better solution for this job: the Gunsmither Tools SmithMaster. This tool is precision-made and performs the job brilliantly. It costs $24.95 and the site has a bunch of other really clever tools available. Instruction videos are also on the site. Take a look at
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I've got a nicely made rebound spring tool (different one) somewhere among my assorted armorer tools. I didn't use it for my S&W revolver armorer class, nor did the former (retired) S&W revolver armorer really smile favorably on me using one back at my agency. I got the not-so-distinct impression he felt I probably ought not to be tinkering inside a S&W revolver if I couldn't use a screwdriver to accomplish the task without injury to myself or the gun. :impatient:

Anyway, after having done it a while the old fashioned way, I came across my tool one day and tried using it again ... only to discover, to my surprise, that I actually found it easier and faster to use the regular screwdriver provided in the factory revolver armorer kit. Go figure, right? :rofl:

Bottom line, though? Don't damage the staked frame stud that holds the rebound slide spring. It's a rather expensive factory repair (if it's obvious, or determined, not to be a warranty issue), and sometimes a frame may become toast, meaning the frame is damaged to the degree that can't install a new frame stud. :shocked:

I remember when I was first told I had to strip a S&W revolver down to the frame. It was an afternoon exercise during my firearms instructor class. The head instructor gave us slot screwdrivers to use, and gave us the distinct impression that he didn't want to see any blood on any of his blued revolvers at the end of the day. :shame:


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I don't know what Brownells tool you bought, but mine works great.

It's a bent steel split shank that fits into the end of the rebound slide. It would take gorilla force to break it or the handle.
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