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S&W M&P armorer manual

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by M&P Shooter, Jan 31, 2013.

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    That's the original '06 version. There's been some minor changes due to revisions and design changes. I don't remember the release date of the manual I got at a recert class last year ('10?), but I also have the '06 & '08 versions.

    The major changes have been due to the revised striker assembly (they still list and explain both, since both types are in guns that are out there, in-service), and the sear housing blocks. The sear housing blocks have changed due to the thumb safety options and going from the small sear plunger & spring to the large versions (originally the MA compliant sear block). Might be more to the sear blocks, but that's what I remember.

    The spring for the firing pin safety block has been revised to make the spring and spring plate one assembly. That was a nice change. No more "UFO" spring plates flying off into unknown corners of the room to be lost.

    We were told in the last armorer class that the "new trigger" is comprised of the new standard slide stop lever - heavy yellow wire spring - and an angled corner on the right side/bottom corner that lends tension against the outside of the trigger bar for a brisker "reset" of the tail under the sear nose; a new trigger bar; and the use of the Performance Center sear.

    There's been 4 different slide stop lever springs used, as I recall. The original was unpainted/bare wire (.40/9). The next one was painted red (at least in 9mm's), then a light blue painted spring (.40/.45) and then the heaviest yellow spring (as the result of some .357SIG testing, and then used selectively in some 40c's for repair purpose ... apparently now becoming the standard spring throughout the M&P line).

    As is common, not all of the minor ongoing revisions & refinements are listed in armorer manuals, though. Things like when they added a machined bevel to one corner of the r/bottom of the .45 barrel's feedramp, apparently to allow for better clearance of an extension on the trigger bar. Things like that ...

    S&W engineers never seem to sit still when it comes to design & manufacturing changes. ;)
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