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S&W 913

  1. My father in law is wanting to sell me his 913, it’s pretty scratched up, and very used, but it’s clean and runs great......I offered him $200. Am I to low on my offer, or is that about what they are going for?
  2. That’s about right. Third generation SW autos don’t hold squat for values, and that particular gun was the economy version.
  3. It comes with 200 rounds of federal FMJ also.....so im buying ammo and getting a free gun in today’s market lol!!
  4. You mean 915, right?

    Depending on how cosmetically thrashed it is, I could see $200 to $250... especially with the ammo (these days!)

    As mentioned, these were part of the "value series" (less machining to try to cut costs and prices as Glock ate S&W's lunch) but they were (and are) perfectly capable pistols with no real problems. The 915 was still all metal, at least.

    Now, if you meant 3913 that's a different story...
  5. Yep it’s a 915.....face palm... lol
  6. I would most likely give 200 bucks for it.

    Honestly, in this climate he could get more on the open market, especially with the ammo.
  7. $200 would be the very high end I’d give for it in the condition you describe.

    That model was already the cheap version.
  8. 915s were the “low end” versions of the 59xx series guns. If I recall correctly, it was a less milled 5913 to save cost and lower the price point, which made it a bit blocky and was only available in a blued slide with no ambidextrous safety. They will take the 59 series 15 round mags.

    I’d say $200 is a good offer in sane times, but like someone else said, given the environment we’re in, he could probably get $50-$100 more with the ammo at a show. But certainly $200 - $250 for the gun alone assuming it shoots straight and the wear is just cosmetic.
  9. I’d be all over it for $200-$250 if I had the chance. Hell I’d probably go $350 if it was good cosmetically.