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S&W 25-2 in .45 ACP?

  1. (sorry, it's not a Shield) :whistling:

    No box or papers, but it's pristine with hardly a faint turn line.

    Two sets of S&W stocks and 6 moon clips.

    Serial #N846160

    I'm all ears for advice, gentlemen.

  2. What's the asking price on that critter?
  3. $600 OTD

    appears to be all the money
  4. Pic ?

  5. It's still in the shop display case.

  6. In the condition you describe, it would fetch that easy up where I live.

    Heck I paid $400 for one brand new in 1979. They were scarce as hens teeth at the time and if you saw one you jumped on it. Two years later I had a bullseye shooter offer me $800 for it!

    I refused, and still have it.
  7. For that price in the condition you describe I'd jump on it.
  8. Good price for the condition you describe.
  9. Buy it now!
  10. Are these comparable to 625's?

    If so, jump on her.
  11. I don't believe they're made anymore. Isn't the OP's gun the same snubby that's pictured in the magazine sales cards, like Guns & Ammo?

    I'd jump all over it.

    EDIT: wrong picture, sorry! Here's the correct one:

    Here's the link: http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=481308
  12. it's a 6" or 6 1/2" barrel

    like this one, but without the turn line:
  13. This is the one I have. It came in a S&W wood case with felt covered, plastic molded interior along with cleaning rod, brush, a mop and aluminum handle screwdriver.

  14. Do it or I'll find it myself!:wavey:
  15. These are great target guns.
    Much better that either the 1950 Target or the 625 of any generation.

    You need to stop whatever you are doing and buy that gun right now.
    Mine have boxes with them and I have seen them go for well over a grand.
  16. IF you don't buy it, let me know which shop and I'll buy that mutha and have it ship to my local shop.
  17. Buy it now!