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S-Mod for Half-life 2

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by Bikewer, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Bikewer


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    Sep 19, 2005
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    Owners of HL2 might want to check this one out. The originating site is in Japan, but you can get information in English at the various HL2 sites like

    This one is not a total re-working of the game like some, it's more of an enhancement. There are a variety of features, including bullet-time item that's tied to your "sprint" bar, a bunch of new weapons, and a randomization device that puts things in where you don't expect them. (be careful breaking open those supply crates!)
    The game plays pretty much the same, but there are generally more enemies, and some of them are tougher than previously. In addition, there are a couple of little oddments thrown in; in the Route Canal section you find your airboat has been stolen! Not to worry, you get it back.

    Some of the little Combine areas along the dune-buggy section are now major battles instead of pushovers, and the gunships have been amped up greatly. Not only in terms of firepower (hits throw your dune buggy all over the place) but toughness. They seem to shoot down a fair number of your RPG rounds.
    Additional weapons include a nifty M3 Grease Gun, an AK-47, and a very cool Russian sniper rifle, with up to 8X scope magnification.
    So far, I'm just up to the part where you charge across the rail bridge in your dune buggy, and it's different enough to keep your interest level up.,1&c_id=ocn&lang=JA&toolbar=yes