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S.C. Reciprocity H-3212

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Professor Zero, Mar 4, 2008.

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    In March 2007 the South Carolina House of Representatives passed H-3212, 100 to 2.

    H. 3212: This bill would make South Carolina a “recognition” state instead of a “reciprocity” state. This means South Carolina would honor other states’ CWPs even without a reciprocal agreement. SLED would no longer be able to deny reciprocity with other states.

    The bill was then sent to the Senate. The legislative session ended in June without H-3212 being voted upon.

    Now that we’re into the second half of the 2007-2008 legislative session, I haven’t hear a thing about the status of the bill. So I wrote to “Grass Roots South Carolina.”

    This is, in part, the reply I received.

    What it takes to get this bill to the Senate floor for a vote is a
    mobilized block of voting gun rights activists. The senators need to
    fear doing nothing more than they fear doing something.

    There are many senators who oppose this bill, including some who say
    they support it.

    There are senators trying to dilute the bill by requiring that
    reciprocity can only be granted to states that require "training."
    There are two major problems with that requirement.

    First, there is no evidence to support that "training" actually saves
    any lives. But, there is evidence that requiring "training" does cost
    lives. But, some senators do not care about the truth. They "know"
    what they "know," even if it is not true.

    Second, any reciprocity bill that does not allow reciprocity with
    Georgia - our SC neighbor - just does not make sense. But, Georgia
    does not require "training." Yet, Georgia does not have any problems
    with their "untrained" CWP holders.

    GrassRoots will soon be asking people to flood the Senate with
    postcards, faxes, letters, and phone calls. Please make sure you act
    and do as many of these things as you can when we ask you to do so.
    That is how we show the senators that there is "a mobilized block of
    voting gun rights activists."


    Robert D. Butler, J.D.
    GrassRoots GunRights SC

    It appears that if anyone is interested in getting H-3212 to a vote in the South Carolina Senate. Contact your state senator.