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I pulled my Surefire Ryder 22A (aluminum baffles) .22 suppressor apart today for a cleaning. This is the second cleaning I’ve done on the suppressor and it went very smoothly. The first time I cleaned the suppressor I had a heck of a time getting the thing apart, and it was tough to get clean.

I did three things differently this time around, not sure which was the most helpful:

Only used Federal 45 grain copper plated subsonic ammo in the pistol. Seemed much cleaner inside.

Sprayed brake-cleaner in the tube and let it sit for 20 minutes prior to disassembly. Suspect that was a major help in the ease in pulling the unit apart.

Fired only around 400 rounds this time.

Bottom line; the unit came apart easily and cleaned up with minimum hassle. I think I’ll try going 500 rounds next, using the same ammo, and see how that goes.
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