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Ryan Newman

  1. I hope the hell he is alright, that's one of the hardest hits I've ever seen.
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  3. The way he initially struck the wall was a bit reminiscent of #3.

    Hope he's ok.
  4. Yea doesn’t look good. They wouldn’t show The crew working to get him out or even talk about it.
  5. Getting hit by the other driver was the brutal part. Right on the driver's side.
  6. Yes. I have followed cup for 20 plus years. He got hit full speed upside down on the drivers side.
  7. Out of the car on way to hospital.
  8. Just read he separated from his wife of 16 years just last week.
  9. This is the worst crash I have seen in years.Pray not only for him,also his family.
  10. Tagged for condition updates.
  11. Do those extinguishers work by displacing the oxygen? Can imagine it would be too easy for him to breathe with the fuel fumes, fire and extinguishers going. That’s rough.
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  13. Horrible....who pushed him?
  14. Teammate I think.Pure accident at 200 MPH.
  15. Apparently on twitter a couple of the crew members said he was awake, that's at least some good news.
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  17. Complete news blackout nearly an hour after incident, pretty much speaks for itself.
  18. Activity at Halifax Health following #Daytona500

    crash. We believe Ryan Newman just arrived. Rushed into trauma entrance, escorted by deputies. No word on his condition
  19. “I hope he’s alright,” a visibly shaken up Blaney said. “I was trying to push him to the win. I don’t like saying that things just happen because I feel really bad about it. It was a close one. I just hope Ryan is alright.”
  20. It's bad.'08.
  21. It was a really bad crash.......Hoping for the best for him and his family!
  22. From some reports were that they flipped the car back upright to get him out. That doesn't sound at all good.
    Load and go isn't favorable either.
  23. The media blackout makes you wonder. Still nothing being said. I fear the worst.
  24. Restrictor plate racing, stage racing, car of tomorrow racing leads to this nonsense.
  25. Prayers.'08.
  26. Media being asked to gather outside the hospital.
  27. Probably still in surgery and no word yet from the doctors.
  28. Hope everything turns out well.
  29. My wife texted a family member after the wreck asking about what’s up. It took awhile but he replied that they told Fox nothing (Mike and Jeff in the booth) and that he was watching an isolated camera feed that was focused on taking Ryan out of the car. He said he didn’t see any CPR given, and that he didn’t look good. Now, this doesn’t mean that he’s telling us everything he knows, and the whole truth, and he’s not one to speculate. He also said this was only his opinion as to his condition, as to what he saw.
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  31. A spokes person supposedly from DIS Updates is tweeting that Newman is in "stable" condition.
    Unverified and and if incorrect speculation, this individual would be better off saying nothing.
  32. When the crash crew brought out the black screen, that wasn't a good sign. Prayers said for him.
  33. Local Fox News station here in Indianapolis reporting Newmans injuries are not life threatening.
    That is very good news, but lets continue to pray for the driver of #6.
  34. Very good news!
  35. I cheered for Ryan the whole race, he was almost there... then BAMMMMM!!!
    Prayer`s to Ryan and his whole family. God please bless him, and get him through this.

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  37. Still not much on his condition other than he is awake and talking, hope more good news to come.
  38. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mo...orne-car-at-talladega-unacceptable/ar-AADgOAi

    Ryan Newman: Larson's airborne car at Talladega "unacceptable"

    Ryan Newman believes changes need to be made to prevent a repeat of Kyle Larson’s violent crash at Talladega but the answers he seek aren’t likely to come from NASCAR.

    Asked Friday at Sonoma (Calif.) Raceway about his expectations in next month’s Cup Series at Daytona International Speedway, Newman said he was most concerned about ensuring another car doesn’t get airborne in the race.

    “I have been very vocal about keeping the cars on the race track. That is my biggest pet peeve,” Newman said. “Whatever we do needs to put on a good race but be safe for the drivers and safe for the fans.

    “What Kyle’s car did at Talladega was unacceptable. I don’t know what changes have been made, if any changes have been made, and what we will do to try to keep that from happening when we go back to Daytona but it needs to not happen.”

  39. That would be very simple, don't race at Talladega or Daytona, or limit the speed to 175 or so. :dunno:
  40. 180 - 185 would be good.
  41. I pray Ryan is ok.
  42. He walked out of the hospital today holding hands with his daughters. AMAZING!!!
  43. Treated and released.