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Rusty Warren

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Bill Powell, Jun 30, 2004.

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    About fifty or sixty years ago Rusty Warren told a story about a pair of newlyweds. It was decided recently that the story needed to be re-told as an historical side note on their family tree. Bear with me, as even important stories are faded due to age and memory. I will not soil a perfectly good story for historical accuracy, so bear with me.

    She told of a pair of newlyweds, who had made in to their hotel room finally, after the wedding, the reception, and being entertained by their friends for hours. They got to the hotel room, and both being a bit nervous, just sat and stared at each other for an hour. The new husband, feeling that a lot of valuable sack time was being wasted said, "Dear, we're married now, why don't we freshen up and get out of this gear, and into something more comfortable." She said, "allrighty," and went to the bathroom and did whatever is women do for an hour. She, after awhile, came out wearing a bath towel. "Dear," said the husband, "we're married now, and there is no need for all that modesty." The wife said, "Allrighty," and dropped the towel. The husband clasped his hands to his heart, and says, "May I take your picture?" The wife wants to know why, for God's sake. "I want to carry next to my heart the rest of my life," said the husband.

    After awhile the wife was starting to feel pretty silly, her naked, her husband fully clothed, so she invites him to freshen up. He's into the bathroom like a shot, and does whatever guys do in the bathroom for a minute and a half, and came out wearing a small hand towel. The wife tells him that, since they're married, he can drop the towel. He does, and she screams, "May I take your picture?" He flexes his muscles and asks, "Like this? Whatever for?" The wife answers, "I WANT TO HAVE IT ENLARGED."
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