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Ruger's piston ARs

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I've been looking at the different makers and reading a lot on here before I make my next purchase. Locally I can get S&W, Colt, or a Ruger. Before I dropped the cash I figured I see what the opinions are on the Rugers and the piston system. I like the idea of the piston on one hand but just haven't heard much talk of the Rugers in general. Any one have any first hand knowledge worth sharing?

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The only issue I've seen with Rugers, is when they fail, the tend to exhibit some rather odd failures.

My shooting partner, recently replaced his go to gun with a SCAR. The driving factor was that his gun was starting to randomly short stroke, or fail to feed, or double feed with no rhyme or reason. Using the same mags in my M-4 (true M-4) on burst, my SPR, and my couple of AR-15's and his SCAR in semi, we couldn't duplicate any issues, we've switched ammo, cleaned it etc. It just seems the guns can be finicky.

Now that said, they weren't often, and it wasn't so much that I'd have concerns with defending myself with it. But it was just odd. Seemed every 3-400 rounds you'd have an odd malf or two right in the middle of a string, and then it'd continue chugging along. Gun never went 2K without a failure. Still have the gun, still trying to pin it down, but its not a first string gun anymore.
Thanks, that's the kind of stuff that worries me. In all reality though, it'll just be a range toy, I may pick one up and see what happens. I already have a Colt but it has the non remove-able carry handle and I'd like something to throw some optics on.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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