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Ruger LCR replacement for S&W air weight J frame

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I always liked the Smith air weights especially the hammerless versions (442 and 642). Recently I purchased an LCR 38 sp +P hammerless version. Couple of things I find nicer than with the smith 442 and 642. Better double action, a bit lighter to carry, better grip with cushion in rear without a lot of additional overall bulk, and sights. With sights I especially like fact I can install tritium front dot myself without any custom work.

So my questions are: 1. do you believe the LCR is good substitute for the established Smith J frame? and 2. how do you feel the LCR will hold up over time in comparison to J frame? In this regard anything to pay special attention to with LCR, like loose screws, specific parts wear, etc? Thanks. Jack
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I've carried my LCR and been very happy with it. Sounds as if you like yours, and I see no reason for you not to switch. I'm not hearing complaints anywhere about the LCR not standing up well. The only reason I use one specific J-frame most of the time, the Model 340 M&P, is its Big Dot sight coupled with the very large U-notch rear.
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