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Ruger AR-556 MPR

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New Ruger MPR, right out of the box. Feels very good to shoulder, nice trigger.
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Put on a cheapo UTG scope I had just to get it shooting, and depending on how good it shoots, I’ll find a more appropriate piece for it later. I hope to let it loose tomorrow or this coming week. Weather has been poor as of late.

My fall hunting season has been impacted by our new baby. Hopefully I’ll have more time for some predator hunting this winter, and this rifle will be the bad medicine.


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I have 7 or 8 ARs in different configurations all trying to get to the best setup for me. I looked at the MPR recently in a store and it has everything I've been trying to do. If the AR market wasn't so down right now I'd dump two or three of mine and buy the MPR.
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