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Ruger American 17hmr Compact first look (review)

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I recently purchased the Ruger American Compact in 17hmr. Having a CZ 453 Varmint in 17hmr, I was anxious to find a lighter more compact model to shoot birds and ***** in the vineyard. The heavier CZ is a great rifle just a bit heavy for carry and quick acquisition.The Ruger rifles weighs 5.38 lbs with a total length of 35.75 inches. Barrel twist rate is 1:9. Some of the features I like are the rotary magazine, tang safety, adjustable trigger, modular stock system and easy to use mag release. The rifle was priced at $289.00.

I mounted an inexpensive BSA Sweet 17 scope 4 x 9 with inexpensive 1" rings.

I shot both Hornady and CCI 17hmr. The gun seems to shoot better (no flyers) with the CCI. The range condition was a head wind at approximately 7-10 mph. Shooting range was at 50 yards. This is indicative of the groups I was getting. I think the rifle can do much better with no wind and perhaps a better shooter.

The gun functioned flawlessly. I adjusted the trigger to the lowest setting. The trigger is adjustable from 5-3 lbs. Adjusting the trigger is an easy task of removing two hex bolts to remove the barrel and trigger assembly from the stock.

Rotary magazine.

I am pleased with my purchase and look forward to shooting out further to 100 plus yard on my next outing.
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