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Rookie move / idiot mark

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I'm typically very careful and very methodical when cleaning / disassembling my firearms, but today I put an idiot mark on my Glock 26.

It's not bad, but I'm still beating myself up over it...

The locking block pin on this gun is very tight, and while trying to push it out, my Glock tool slipped and mashed the plastic a bit.

:faint: :wow:

After getting everything apart, I used the shaft of the Glock tool to try and push it back in and smooth it out. It doesn't look bad, and it doesn't affect functionality, but it really made me feel like a Busch league rookie...

I know, I know, it's a tool, but I (try to) take good care of my tools, too.

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It happens,......if you would not have posted this, no one would ever have known! :rofl:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Glock ownership!
It will not be the Last mark.

Maybe it's my 55 year old eyes, but it's sure not noticeable to me. Don't sweat the small stuff:cool:
I can barely even see it!
I don't notice it
Somehow, admitting my mistake to complete strangers is theraputic. :embarassed:
TRUST ME... I will never post a pic of the results of installing the scope mount on my G20... smileys on both sides! :rofl: But then again, I already have... :tongueout: How n00b am I?
Tie a rope to it and drag it down 5 miles of gravel road. You won't notice it then. :supergrin:
I bought my first Glock in 86. I had to know what made it tic so I took it apart, once I noticed the simplicity of the weapon I was hooked for life.

why take it apart anyway ???
Swapping the trigger bar back to stock. It was much worse before I 'fixed' it.
Unfortunately you aren't the only one. I did the same to my new G23 after I was having some very irritating trigger issues at the range. I thought something was lodged in the trigger....but it turned out to be just a new trigger that wasn't worn in like my older G23 is.

I forgot to wiggle the slide stop lever and preceded to pound on the Glock tool w a hammer. Serious head inserted into rectum move.....sadly I'm a trained armorer and knew better. I do have a nice dummy mark to remind me to be patient every time I look at the gun. Eventually it worked out, the gun shoots good, the trigger or me one smoothed out.
Im not sure it will even function anymore!

Seriously though, dont worry about it, my guns look like they have been beat by a heavy chain for years...Thats the way I like em...No burglar looks at a well worn pistol pointed at his head and thinks, "maybe this guy doesnt use this gun"
Dude you toasted it! Send it to me and I'll give it a proper burial.:cool:
I dropped mine right after I got it and the frame has a mark. :crying:
You don't have to be a rookie to make an idiot mark.
Now it's got some character.
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